"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Many Faces

Monserrate is not the only doing some slashing in Albany these days!

Meet the ever changing Governor Paterson.

Gosh, if Obama says one more time that he wants him out, you might even see Paterson bald the next time.

Now, as Paterson announced that this year's budget deficit is likely to reach $3 billion - maybe the Democrats can cut spending as fast as he cuts his hair, not likely though considering the huge increase in spending they passed this year.

Paterson seems to be the only politician in Albany that deals in reality, but when the Great One says "outta here," he becomes lame duck to many disciples of the Great One.


Anonymous said...

You are a local politician. Perhaps you think you are cute. At least refer to our leader in a more respectful way.You are near Fort Drum which respected Mr. Bush as our Commander in Chief no matter what. Can't you do the same with Presdent Obama? Or is that all Watertown, NY has to offer the young who serve in the military and fight your wars and spend money in your city. Please try to set an example.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, they respected Prez Bush a whole lot. Murderer, war criminal (our very own Frog), Nazi, stupid, all terms used to denigrate Bush. I gots a suggestion 5:28. Enjoy the political atmosphere that you and your ilk brought to the table long before the Great One was elected. It's all on the table now. Be happy. And one other thing, where do you get off on the Watertown thing? This name calling stuff is now socially acceptable worldwide. Keep in mind that this is only the opinion of a RACIST, as per Dannie, who like you, wants a more reasonable and civil discussion.


hermit thrush said...

and that's to say nothing of piv's hypocrisy!

back in january during the transition, piv had a lot to say about the importance of class, ranging from bush's admittedly classy and graceful exit from office, to some apparently classless statements made by democrats and their supporters.

no matter what you think of the posts themselves, it's clear that piv cares about and values class.

yet piv is quite happy to continually refer to obama as "the great one," no sarcasm spared!

when speaker pelosi had this to say about bush's departure from office,

It felt like a 10-pound anvil was lifted off my head,

piv denounced her as having "no class." yet is piv's deportment any better at all?

i should also add that i personally don't have any problem with sarcastic references to obama as "the great one." i think there's too much president-worship in our political culture. but piv can't have it both ways.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to offend you. I was only thinking of the young men and women who come here with us to train as soldiers and representatives of the US military. Yes, it is your town, do as you wish and say what you wish. We are only visitors and I was out of line. President Bush was my CIC and President Obama is my CiC.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 5:28.

I have been through this argument before with the people who write and follow this blog.

The military is not something they respect here and asking them to set an example for our young military when addressing our Commander in Chief is out of the question. Military is welcome when there is money to be spent.

Anonymous said...

6:10 - how can anyone respect you our your view when you can't even spell their name correctly?

Pathetic little insect. Stop using Anonymous and fight like a man... I presume you're a man....?

Anonymous said...

Oooh Oooh fight like a MAN. Now how does a MAN fight? I absolutely love this. Being lectured on hypocrisy by the FROG. And a temper tantrum by 7:23. Must have gotten to ya, eh Mr decorum and courtesy?


I'm so sorry.

I will consider carefully, as I have in the past, changing my posts to themes that are less upsetting to such fools and partisans as yous people. In the meantime, where you been my little Froggie? Dannie has lectured us on RACIST REPUBLICANS and the dreaded FOX NEWZ. I would have thought those would have been comfortable enough subjects for you to chime in on. But for Klembit to lecture us on civility, after calling GW a war criminal, is just too funny. All the comedy a man/woman/Frog could ask for is right here on PIV. My sincere thanks.

FlatsFarmer said...

PIV calls himself a politician and you should expect more. No class. You are spot on with this one, HT.

As for 6:10, ever the ass.

As for the military. This blog is not what all of Watertown is like. My apologies for their behavior.

Anonymous said...

I understand your feelings, 8:21. But it's a tough act to call for everyone to be nice and ladylike when you yourself are the one throwing around the foul language. Yous have to set some kind of example yourself before you can claim the high ground. As things stand, you're just making a fool of yourself.

But I understand. These are frustrating times for people like you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, one more thing. If the military were allowed to choose the Comm in Chief, we wouldn't be saddled by the Great One's presidency anyway. But like most Libs it's fun to watch you pretend to be pro military. We're you around back in the baby killer days? Very few Conservatives had the forsight to get in on that party. That was a fun time for you Libs as well. But now you have respect for the CIC? Cute.

Earthbob said...

"Oh, one more thing. If the military were allowed to choose the Comm in Chief, we wouldn't be saddled by the Great One's presidency anyway."

That method worked out for Ancient Rome, didn't it?

Somehow I can't picture Teddy Roosevelt or Ronald Reagan supporting this conjecture.

How would you prove this statement?

Color code votes from those who serve in our armed services?


Anonymous said...

No a much easier way to null the military vote is to just not count absent ballots and shorten the waiting period.And as for name calling the joker in chief. After what they put bush through for his whole presidency TO BAD! I'll call it like I see it.Fair is fair.So far the joker fits him perfectly.

Anonymous said...

"But I understand. These are frustrating times for people like you."

We have a job to do and I am proud of what Fort Drum has given to our efforts around the world. No shame here. And actually, these times are no more frustrating than my previous 9 year, 4 in the South.

No need to apologize, Flats Farmer. Watertown is no different and fortunately crazy people like anon. 8:16 are not common and it is apparent he has never served.

Anonymous said...

And around we go. The same people who call for decorum spew out the name calling.

EB, the only thing I base my claims on is the fact that the Dems always want to throw out the military vote. That's what they ended up doing in Al Franken's election in Minnesota. Why is that? As far a Rome is concerned, you're getting tooooo sensitive. I liked Rome. I think HBO did a better job with that than they did with that True Blood thing everybody raves about.

Anonymous said...

Flats Farmer? Boy that's a new term. Please explain. In this area it could considered quite offensive. Do continue. Just another example of someone advocating civility throwing around junk.

hermit thrush said...

to our most favorite wingnut:
"flatsfarmer" has nothing to do with you. take a look at 8:21.

Earthbob said...

I enjoyed both season's of HBO's "Rome", too.

Anonymous said...

And the "civil" Frog now calls people a wingnut. I think Frog is a much nicer term than wingnut. Ah well, I'm glad to see you didn't run away for the winter just yet. I just thought with Fox News and Racism being the Dan's topics of the day/week/month/lifetime you would have been all over it. You were strangely silent for a long time there. Hey, Yanks are in. Giants are off to a good start. The water is gone in the St Lawrence. A beautiful fall it is.

Anonymous said...

What's really funny is after all this bs, the real issue isn't even being discussed. And that's an indication that we are all stupid sh.ts. The issue is the Empire State is out of money and the situation is worsening by the day. We all may hate our terrible Gov, but I for one think he says a lot of stuff that needs to be said. And the response from the Great One and most of the chosen ones is to get him out of office before he says any more or heaven forbid, loses to someone from that other party. Never mind the issue that we are broke and he is the only one speaking honestly about it. You can wait a lifetime for the Shelly Silvers of the world to speak the truth. They won't. But let's stay on topic and get rid of this Gov. Then we can fondle each other for a couple years, let the situation get worse, watch some more kids leave, give the special interests more bucks, and provide Shelly types with their golden toilet paper, which just happens to be our kids' future. But by all means, that Patterson guy has got to go. He's terrible.

Anonymous said...

I wish Deadwood would have kept going awhile longer too, EB.

Dan Francis said...

I saw the Guv on Meet the Depressed today -- he did a good job in such a short interview... Gregory was pissed that he couldn't pin the Guv down about Obama "ordering him not to run."

If he runs, he has my support and anything I can do for him to win... that choice, as he says, is up to the voters in NYS not DC.

FlatsFarmer said...

"Flats Farmer? Boy that's a new term."

You are not from around here, are you?

Anonymous said...

Not much of anybody is from around here anymore. They all left.

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