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Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, September 3, 2009

1 Event - 2 Interpretations

Here are two different interpretations of New York Governor David Paterson shaving his beard.

“I wanted to set a precedent, there’s going to be a lot of cutting in the budget this year,” Paterson said in Syracuse.

“Shaving his beard won’t divert the public’s attention away from the governor’s record of failure, mismanagement and incompetence that has many New Yorkers a whisker away from leaving the state,” said State Sen. Dean Skelos (R-Rockville Centre), the minority leader.

(Paterson always seems to be pictured arm & arm with some good looking lady) 


Anonymous said...

Hey, early reports of a mouse being found in a can of Pepsi have been proven WRONG. After careful investigation by the FDA, it has been revealed that it was a FROG that was inside that Pepsi can. Politically, I don't know what this means. I have deep suspicions, but no proof of my theory. Thussly, I will keep my thoughts to myself. But keep in mind that this situation should be monitored very carefully by those who care about their country. And be advised that if I need to waterboard someone to connect the dots, I'll do so in a heartbeat.
Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

He did it to get chicks.

Anonymous said...

Wait till the taxpayers start paying for the increase in the NYS pension plan, at least the Governer had the foresight???, to see the plans in trouble.

Dan Francis said...

Gov. Paterson may get tossed, but I still like him.

Anonymous said...

I still think Patterson had his heart in the right place. He just got steamrolled by Shelly and the real power, teacher unions and all. Cutting spending in this state may not be possible, no matter how broke we are. The people don't make the decisions any more. Thugs do. In that sense I agree with Dan's positive view of the Gov.

Anonymous said...

The FROG is the one you gotta watch. This Patterson is no threat to our children, but the FROG could end life as we know it. Watch what he says; keep your eye on his flippers.

Dan Francis said...

The main post says in part: "Paterson always seems to be pictured arm & arm with some good looking lady.

That may be true, but since he's blind, I doubt he "sees" any of the beauties at all ... in all fairness.

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