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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Why would you vote for a candidate who is either a) late filing basic paperwork like a financial disclosure or b) requested to be late filing in an effort to put it off until after the election?

This is the case with both Independent Democrat candidate Bill Owens and Republican Conservative Doug Hoffman. Both candidates are running on their business creds and Hoffman is even a CPA who if anyone should be able to file a financial disclosure timely.

What are the candidates hiding?

Is this the first time a CPA has ever run for Congress?

Watertown Daily Times


Anonymous said...

This spot reserved for Dan Francis.

Anonymous said...

It's not any different when dede doesn't explain her role in her bro's company.

Anonymous said...

She did you are just not smart enough to understand the explanation.

There are two different companies involved in their businesses.

Earthbob said...

"Why Not"

Anonymous said...

Didn't understand Dede's explaination? In a recent article neither could Mr. Gardener.

Dan Francis said...

Thanks for the "reserved parking spot."

I have opined about this all over the place at every site I could find including the WDT today at Heller's column:

Comments Section: I am Eyepublius

There are always reasons "for being late," but the FEC issues waviers for requests to be late for good cause.

I have filed a few times myself and I was always FIRST and ALWAYS on time ...

This raises serious questions since Owens is a lawyer and Hoffman a CPA.

Then again all three of these "candidates" seen to have money and regulatory problems - so in the end, anyone of them would fit nicely in Congress - the place where they not only write the laws and rules, but where you can break those laws and rules. So, it may be a wash?

— dmf

Anonymous said...

who cares
a) what Dan thinks about this
b) whether some "late" paperwork disqualifies a candidate?
No wonder we can't get the job done-we're concentrating on the wrong skill set. Do you think Teddy Roosevelt got all his paperwork in on time? Gimme a break!!

Anonymous said...

4:14... as usual you're way off the mark - what you posted IS NOT the issue nor focus... this is:

* Congress: the place where they not only write the laws and rules, but where you can break those laws and rules."

woodchucksage said...

Hey IV looks like you missed the big news of the day.

Just as I predicted in this pace a few weeks ago, SEIU has endorsed Owens for this race. You and the other phoney fans said Dede would get labor support because of hubby Ron.

As I told you, local labor hacks like the hubby will hold no sway in this race. All big labor endorsements will come from the Washington union fatcats and that means no backing for the GOP candidate, no matter who she is.

Let's face it, this labor support - big money, phone banks, push polls, etc. - will help Owens go from nobody to contender in teh eyes of the stupid voters who will make the choice.

You missed the call. Admit it and try to save some face in this race.

LiberalLaugh said...

"Hey IV looks like you missed the big news of the day."

He didn't miss it, he ignored it.


Anonymous said...

11:23 Not in my eyes.I won't fall for a push poll call from acorn.I won't fall for dede either.She's a lib and incumbent she's out in my book.That only leaves the other guy whocan't file his tax report on time.Maybe he can get tax cheat geitner to help him out.

Anonymous said...

1199 supports Owens. Many members of 1199 who live and vote in the District back DeDe. They know her and like her. So do many Dems in the District. Polls are interesting (I got 2), but the demographic plays to DeDe's strengths.

woodchucksage said...

Liberal Laugh is obviously a tool...And let's face it, aside from the money and phones, union members pretty much ignore the endorsements of the officers who make them with absolutely no input from the members. Unions are kind of like the Democrat leadership in Albany and DC - the crap rises to the top and fails miserably in their attempts to lead. Not BaaaaWHAhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!, but TEEEEEEEEEE-HEEEEEEEEEE!!

Dan Francis said...

We don't need to do any stinkin' paper work until all these fundraisers are over and the money is counted ... take a peek:

Two Owens Fundraisers: Out of District

* Note the comments at that link.

So, when does Dede start her out of state fundraising?

This is pathetic... really it is.

Change? They can't even spell the name.

The folks back home: Get your votes ready. Cynical? You betcha... and for good reason, too.

~ dmf

Dan Francis said...

This race may come down to has/will spend the most money ... it sure is starting to look that way.

Kinda sad -- so where's the new fresh ideas -- not the typical run of the mill well-funded slick Ads and sound bytes we already see?

The only "change" in this election will be the few cents (and not much common sense) left over after they sweep up the mega bucks.

— dmf

Anonymous said...

Dan start your own blog. Then we don't have to look here for your views

Dan Francis said...

9:09 -- funny you mentioned that. I have 4 (yes, 4) blogs up and running. Take a gander:

Current News Views

23rd District

Detainee & Torture Library

Infamous Weasel Dartboard


~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Once again Political IV is biased to the core. Maybe if Dede had a REAL job like Owens and Hoffman (instead of feeding at the public trough) she would have issues with the financial paperwork and protecting clients privacy.
Watch for Owens disclosure in very near future.
Watch Owens increase name recognition. The more people get to know him, the more they know he is the right person to represent us in congress.
Dede is in this for her own self interest. She doesn't give a flying fig about issues, other people or anything else. Enough already. Owens for Congress.

Dan Francis said...

3:36 ... Owens is NOT a legal bonafide DEM yet ... he won't be until after this election. He even needs special permission to run as a DEM...

FYI: He needs a "Wilson-Pakula authorization" -- a certificate given by the DEMS to a "candidate not registered as a DEM" so he can can run as a DEM in this election." How ironic is that?

If this were a DEM primary, he couldn't even vote for himself.

BTW: The only candidates Owens ever supported for office were former GOP NYS Sen. Ron Stafford (now dead), and Alfonse D'Amato (need I tell you he is a GOPer, too)...

The DEMS in my view, screwed up big time by picking Owens as they slapped every loyal DEM squarely in the face along the way. They won't admit it that they did, but they did.

Owens may win ... but he's no DEM, but, NOW he has to act like one "to go along to get along!"

Kinda pathetic, though.

And, NO, before you take a swipe at me -- it's not sour grapes -- it's a 100% factual statement that is true.

— dmf

Anonymous said...

Dan is a rantin' agin. This time it's about a guy who really isn't a guy, or isn't a reel Donkey, or something important. Dan, GUY GOT THE NOMINATION OF THE DEMS. WHAT PART OF THIS DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND. I suspect many of us DON'T CARE whether he sees everything like you do, in racial/party line overtones. Maybe it's time we got away from that. Maybe it is time we listened to what the guy has to say and make our decision accordingly. Maybe it is time we made some decisions on facts and actual policies rather than whether they every watch Fox News. What is going on with you? You brag about how you can think for yourself, then repeatedly demonstrate how you don't. I'm on the verge of feeling sorry for you.

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