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Saturday, September 19, 2009


An interesting snippet from the Mayor's blog this morning. The mayor quips at Senator Aubertine's endorsement of "what was his name again." The mayor suggest the Aubertine endorsement is less than sincere, strictly political and when it comes down to the privacy in the booth Aubertine won't vote for Owens.
"I vote for Darrel Aubertine because he's one of us. On this one he isn't. 
All of "us" are voting for DeDe.
Interesting post Mr. Mayor!

NNY Follies readers will be happy to know he returns - reformatted, reinvented, recycled - whatever you term it.

He is now here Outside Looking In. It is nice to see him back, he is a good writer. I do not always agree with his views, but nonetheless an exchange of views is what it is all about.


Media wars!
Another barn burner up on You Tube, CNN versus Fox News. The battle is over an ad Fox News ran in the Washington Post where they claimed several networks did not cover the 9/12 demonstration in Washington, while the other media outlets claim they did provide coverage. Fox then claims the coverage was marginalized while others counter claim Fox were promoters and not simply just covering the story.

In any event it is fun to watch the media battle each other and spin their side. Watch the video.


Anonymous said...

Fox New IS nothing but liars and RACISTS. We all know that. Right Dan. Anybody who disagrees with The Great One must be motivated by dishonesty and racism.

Dan Francis said...

No, Anon 11:40 - Race is NOT the main issue - only you keep that amber burning, not me.

In the CNN clip, Rick Sanchez blasts FOX and rightly so (no pun intended) for their hypocrisy - plain and simple. He calls them out as liars and they are.

If you can't honetly see that, then it is you my friend who is f**ked up in the noggin, not me.

BTW: Your continued cheap shots at me are getting cheaper -- so, why not call a truce; toss that Anonymous moniker and really express yourself and out yourself?

~ What, no cojones?

— dmf

Dan Francis said...

Calling all phonies, Mr. Hannity are you listening?

Check this page out - Hannity's critique of Pelosi and her tears ... then cursor down the page... you'll see what I mean.

Hannity and FOX: big hypocrites caught again

You're welcome. LOL

Anonymous said...

Race seems to be the main issue issue for you, Dan. An entire political opposition, your opposition, is racist. That's what you said. I don't blame you for wanting your own words to go away. There's no way I'm to let that happen. It is about time that people like you, who throw that kind of bs around, pay a price for the cheap, baseless, dishonest, hollow, cowardly, but nonetheless fashionable method of painting others unfairly. Live with it Dan.

You do the same thing with Fox News. There is no basis for anything you say. Just cheap shot after cheap shot. That's fine. I'm just going to tell you what I think of what you say. You say race is NOT the main issue. You got it wrong, Hero. Race isn't part of the issue at all. It's just something you trot out when you need it. I'm tired of it. I don't care if I'm the only one. I'm not letting you get away with your bs, Mr Francis.

Dan Francis said...

Anon 11:01 ... If you want to piss off someone like me, go right ahead - but know this, you are flat out wrong.

I do not use race. I am not a racist, and I do not advocate hate or anything like that, and I never have nor will I.

Re: FOX ... either you are totally stupid or naive or just plain blind, or whatever, I really don't care, but FOX whips the flames of hate -- just ask Glenn Beck.

Beck said over the airwaves:

"Obama hates white people - he is a racist"

For God's sake, man, Mr. Obama's mother and grandparents and his children are ¼ white.

I'm sick of you blasting me - not the blasting per se; I can defend that, but hiding behind a moniker like Anonymous and firing cheap shots. That part is pathetic and so are you.

I wish there was some way IVY could or would block you UNTIL you reveal you who you really are and come out and defend your comments like I and many others here do.

I guess you can’t be defended in public; maybe the nearest sewer? — Dan Francis

Dan Francis said...

God, I love finding this stuff ... for all you pro-FOXites and anti-Dan-omites ... check this story and short video out.

FOX TV Producer Caught Whipping up 9-12 Protesters

From FAUX Gnus:

The woman in video — seen raising her arms to rally the crowd behind Griff Jenkins, who was reporting from the scene for Fox News — is Fox News producer Heidi Noonan.

"The employee is a young, relatively inexperienced associate producer who realizes she made a mistake and has been disciplined," Bryan Boughton, Fox News Channel Washington Bureau Chief told the Huffington Post.

Anonymous said...

Is that where you get your views from dan? Huffing post that explains it all.Now I understand.

Anonymous said...

8:51 - is the report true or not?

In FOX's own words, too, mind you...

"The employee is a young, relatively inexperienced associate producer who realizes she made a mistake and has been disciplined," Bryan Boughton, Fox News Channel Washington Bureau Chief told the Huffington Post.

HuffingtonPost reported it - they didn't perform or produce the arm waving by the FOX producer.

You continue to be pathetic... what a skill!

Dan Francis said...

Fox News: Fair, balanced and absurd

For months now, Fox News hasn't just been covering conservative protests against the Obama administration and its Democratic allies in Congress.

No, the network has been actively pushing the protests, sending its hosts out to speak at some of them, to do live broadcasts from others, and has been effectively working to get more people to turn out.

So it took more than a little nerve for Fox to place an ad in three newspapers last week slamming its rivals -- ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and CNN -- for not covering the demonstration that took place in Washington, D.C. on Sept. 12th.

That wasn't the worst part of the ad, which ran in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post and the Washington Post. (The Journal and the New York Post are both owned by Fox's parent company, News Corp.)

No, the worst part was that those networks had covered the protest -- and Fox knew it.

The rest of the story

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Piss somebody "like YOU" off, Dan? What does that mean? I don't have to review all that has gone on here. You're the one who has made sweeping statements about racism. Now you've been called on it. And now I sense veiled threats about "pissing off someone like you"?

Unless I'm misunderstanding you, this is yet another reason that you had no business being around an elected office. Dan, threats aren't the way to go.

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