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Monday, September 14, 2009

In The Year 2009

The Olympiad of the 23rd Congressional district in the year 2009 is about to begin.

The Army Times is reporting the Vote On McHugh Nomination May Come Next Week.

This will signal the official start of the race for the 23rd Congressional seat between favored GOP candidate Dede Scozzafava, Independent Democrat absentee candidate Bill Owens, and also ran Republican Conservative candidate Doug Hoffman, who stated in the GOP selection meeting that he would honor the county committee chair's choice, but didn't.

Nothing should be taken for granted in this campaign, it will be all out war and to a certain extent a referendum on the movement of the governing of this country.

Note the Army Times labels McHugh as "former Republican Rep. John McHugh." Former - did he change parties or resign without anyone knowing?


Dan Francis said...

Then, add this to your mix.

Hyping of Hoffman

Leave it to the media to put a slant on a story to try and influence an election outcome --
boy this is a classic example.

Do I mean "slant or influence it for Hoffman with all the coverage he is getting lately?

Oh, no - I mean it for the media's fav "under the radar, INDY-not a real DEM Bill Owens."


~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Bill Owens' Financial Disclosure Will Be Late
By Jimmy Vielkind
ALBANY—Bill Owens, too, has asked for an extension in filing his required personal financial disclosure as part of the race to replace John McHugh in Congress.

"There is a significant amount of information required to fully comply with the filing, and the campaign is in the process of compiling that information," said Jon Boughtin, Owens' new spokesman. "In the meantime, we have filed for an extension and will complete the necessary paperwork as soon as possible."

There have been lots of stories based on Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava's federal campaign disclosure documents, exploring her connections to a troubled company run by her brother. Scozzafava is the Republican candidate for the seat.

Neither Bill Owens, the designee of the Democratic Party, nor Doug Hoffman, the designee of the Conservative Party, have filed a required disclosure document, and Hoffman asked for an extension last week. Candidates must file the form--which lists employers, income, and asset holdings--within 30 days of raising or spending $5,000. Hoffman's has been granted, and could put his form due past Election Day, when everyone expects the special election to take place.

The National Republican Campaign Committee attacked their delinquency.

"Bill Owens and Doug Hoffman may be trying to position themselves as political opposites, but they're both operating from the same dishonest playbook," said Paul Lindsay, an NRCC spokesman. "Not only are they both engaging in negative and nasty campaigns against Dede Scozzafava, they have failed to disclose the most basic personal finance information that is required by law. Instead of taking shots at Dede for being open and honest about her investment in upstate New York businesses, they should start explaining to voters what they are trying to hide."

Rob Ryan, Hoffman's spokesman, did not reply to several requests for comment.

Dan Francis said...

This race will go down in history as the "Hand Grenade in the Oatmeal Race."

For how "subtle and smooth" Owens' non-campaign, campaign isn't.

Or how "rabid" Hoffman's blitz has become typically nasty (for attention).

And how Dede's is rather routine except for the "nasty liberal label" she has to wear in public.

Issues? We don't need no stinkin' issues.

Anonymous said...

"Former" refers to 'REP.' not GOPer... can't you read proper (or is is properly?)... um.

Anonymous said...

Why don't we keep McHugh, and let Dede have the Army job.

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