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Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Site

Jefferson County Republican's have launched their new website.

Pretty good looking website, if it is maintained it will be an asset for the local elephants.

Jefferson GOP


Earthbob said...

Good luck to the Jefferson County Republicans on their Internet endeavours.

Perhaps the Republican site will be more interactive than the Democrat site.

Another Internet achievement is the live webcast of the Jefferson County Legislature.


I watched the last County Meeting on my computer, interested in the County Revenue Situation.

There are a few bugs to be worked out.

I attempted to watch the entire meeting, but the audio quality made it difficult, as it was in and out.

A good beginning on a new path.

The Gold Standard is the live webcast of the Watertown City Council Meeting. Their webcasts are on cable public access, too.

The County has two cameras operating, displaying 2 views at the same time. Since they are fixed, you feel as if you are watching a security monitor.

The Town of Lyme ventured into meetings posted on the Internet, last week end.

Let the sunshine in.

Blue62 said...

Welcome to the 20th century Jefferson County GOP! Better late than never? Well, maybe not in this case :-)

Anonymous said...

Looks good, but recommend they change the three folks at the heading: looks like they ain't missin' too many meals ... ouch.

Dan Francis said...

From the "about us" link, with my comments added:

* Equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity are everyone's rights (except Hispanics up for the USSC; efforts to get health care without scaring the crap out of the public: death camps, death books, death panels, and plugs pulled on your Granny).

* Respect for laws, the courts and the Constitution are vital to preservation of the nation and security for all (except NSA domestic spying w/o court approval; torture of detainees in U.S. custody; FBI rule breaking under the Patriot Act).

* Excessive taxation, inflation and government waste can destroy our country and our state; sound money management must be an essential part of government on all levels (except when we want to spend, waste and tax and call it "good government" - what is excessive anyway?).

* While we remain militarily strong, we must continue our efforts toward world peace and friendship (except when we invade a country w/o due cause and based on a whole lot of false pretenses and lies. Cite: Iraq and see our "friends" release terrorists for oil!).

That GOP? The one we all know and want to see succeed as a viable and people-serving party that used to stand for something good that could off set the other main party in our country?

— dmf

Anonymous said...

Ah Dan, you don't want any of that. You've bought into every talking point of the Donkey party. In fact, you've listed them in your post. Don't ask for balance when you're mind is made up.

Anonymous said...

I hear Sandy Corey is gone now..its about time..now i hear jim fitzpatrick is taking over..just more of the same..jims another lame duck fuddy duddy..will his wife be pulling the strings..i think so

Dan Francis said...

Anon 5:26. Not DEM talking points -- not at all -- all mine.

Don't like them -- don't read them.

"I post, you duck."

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

They already have a biased web site, called Political IV.

Anonymous said...

Jim Fitzpatrick, wife of Carolyn, oh for the love of God, Help us.

Earthbob said...

The real challenge is to get the Unaffiliated Voter to vote "For" or "Against" a candidate of your Party's choosing.

An Interactive Web Site invites participation.

How can a political party entice an Unaffiliated Voter?

Show them there is something at stake in a Primary. That would be an incentive to enroll the Voter into your party.

Easier to enroll a party member when they believe their participation and selection makes a difference.

The lack of party primaries, for whatever reason, leaves the unaffiliated voters in a position of "kingmakers".

Have you noticed the parallels between lack of primaries versus the growth of unaffiliated voters?

An Interactive Web Site is one tool that has the potential to convert.

Postscript to my Anonymous Friend:

Please note that I did not use the word proc..... oops!

Anonymous said...

"Jim Fitzpatrick, wife of Carolyn, oh for the love of God, Help us."

You want help? Pick up a petition and see if you can do better?

Dan Francis said...

We should all pull a Will Rogers and say, like he did: "I never vote for - I always vote against."

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Wrong Party. Doesn't matter he was the annointed one, this is why you need another party, one that isn't corrupt, one that actually WILL DO SOMETHING.

Dan Francis said...

A strong, viable Third Party is needed for better balance and focus on tough issues than the two sides we have now ...

It must be one that is not owned by a billionaire, or one that operates to give a line to a DEM or GOP who come hat in hand, either.

A strong Third Party is needed - call it the "Moderates?"

Anonymous said...

How about Moderate conservative??.

Anonymous said...

3:26 PM
Just conservative works for me as long as they are not an incumbent.We need to fire all incumbents.

Anonymous said...

DF there's nothing moderate about your views, which often happen to coincide exactly with the donkey platform. but if you see the need for a 3rd party not owned by a billionaire, then here's your chance to start one. I count 30 of them already on the books at this time. but hey, why not?
There are a truckload of good reasons why 3rd parties aren't the answer, but I'm sure you know them all already.

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