"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"This Used To Be America..."

"...It ain't no more"


Anonymous said...

So were you sleeping when the Bush administration was waterboarding and rendering and setting up torture camps all over the world? NSA was tapping all calls and watching you on the internet. George Bush was firing lawyers in the Justice department who refused to arrest Democrats who had committed no crimes. Detainees, even children were been picked off the streets based on "whisper" accusations and sent to Gitmo where due process did not exist? What made you wake up, PIV? The color?

Time for you to move to Canada, PIV.

DownStateOperative said...

Another Democratic bailout for the Republican Jeff.Co.Board and the head in the sand PIV Thanks to President Obama, the Democrats, and the stimulus money.

"Mr. Kaskan said the county would pay $2.161 million less than budgeted to the state for its share of Medicaid because of federal stimulus money. In addition, the county expected to pay an estimated $1 million less than budgeted for its health and human services programs.

When you refer to the President as, "The Great One", mean it PIV!

Anonymous said...

I still don't know where 10:06 syands on this issue.

So are you saying that you oppose this officer's brand of selective and self-created law enforcement?

Or do you support it now because it's a Democrat in the Whitehouse promoting this so you need to make excuses for why it's ok?

Anonymous said...

Most true Americans stick with the mother country through thick and thin. Anon. 1 i s right. Time to move, piv. They tell me Kenya is pretty.

Anonymous said...

When Bush was in office, protesters were not permitted at all. Remember the 2004 GOP convention in NYC. Lawful democratic protesters were all rounded up off public streets, and held for hours sometimes days without food, bathrooms and had their cell phones taken. I guess that why the cop said it isn't America anymore. Not since the Second Bush President.
Here's America under Bush

Anonymous said...

Be careful when you talk Medicaid, the county might have to pat it back, Just ask Heidi.

Dan Francis said...

Read this article and then tell why there should be any GOPer in elected office in DC?

GOP Senators Flock to Government-run Health Care for Care, While Decrying Government-run Health Care


— dmf

Dan Francis said...

* Not passing health care reform now with this huge DEM margin of votes will spell disaster for the DEM party (as well it should); but worse, it will bring more pain and agony to the public (mostly the uninsured) who will suffer as the insurance giants feel free to say to us all who pay now:

"No reform is good reform..."

Here's an addition to your monthy premimums - suck it up.

(laughing all the way to the bank - a bank who got bailout money, too - irony on top of pathetic).

~ dmf
The costs will go up and up and up ... free license to jack up costs all across the board is in the wings - bet on that, and you can't lose (much).

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how posters will state what the want even if it is not relevant to the post. The individual was clearly being censored. It gives me problems. The protester should have removed the picture and kept the words. Do you think the officer would allow it? Did other posters have pictures?

As far as the Republican convention all demonstrators were denied access to certain areas regardless of their views. Non content based legislation. Though free speech is preferable - but not possible. If there were no restrictions any one can shout down an opponent without repercussion, the loudest would win.

Seeing as everyone else (except you 12:30) went off tangent. The democrats are not only stopping our speech but now are indoctrinating our students. At best it is politicization of the schools with taxpayer dollars. It is similar to the mailings our local politicians send out with the main purpose of promoting reelection - though on a larger and therefore more dangerous scale

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