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Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Define Taxes

The Great One fumbles the what the word taxes mean, but George Stephanopoulos helps him define what it means. Maybe that is why they keep asking everyone to pay more, yet say they are not raising taxes - they do not understand the definition yet. Certainly Tim Geithner does not understand it.


Anonymous said...

It really depends on what the meaning of "is" is.

Anonymous said...

The joker is right it's not a tax it's a redistribution.

john.cormac said...

Silly. Although the broader point of the ad is actually well-taken (there is a chance that employer-provided health insurance could be taxed as Sen. McCain proposed during the campaign), on the Stephanopolous point, it's bs.

Making people pay a fine if they don't have health insurance is analogous to making people pay a fine if they drive without auto insurance. I don't think many people would term the second example as a "tax." If George wants to in order to win a silly debate point, fine, but it doesn't really illuminate the argument.

And if you don't accept that, what should I call the extra money I pay in premiums today to cover uninsured care? Is that a tax? Or is it not a tax because I pay my insurer as opposed to the government? Sure feels like something when it leaves my wallet.

Dan Francis said...

Taxes in NYS _ that most of pay or do not pay (depending on your status, etc):


1. Income tax
2. Sales and use tax
3. Withholding tax
4. Corporation tax

On top of the "basic taxes," we have these "Other taxes:"

* Alcoholic beverage tax
* Beverage container tax
* Boxing and wrestling exhibitions tax
* Cigarette and tobacco products tax
* Estate tax
* Fuel use tax (IFTA)
* Gasoline and similar motor fuel tax
* Hazardous waste tax
* Highway use tax
* Metropolitan Commuter * Transportation Mobility Tax (MCTMT)
* Mortgage recording tax
* Petroleum business tax
* Real estate transfer tax
* Stock transfer tax
* Waste tire management fee

And, just think, all our candidates run on "reducing our taxes."

Hell, if they did, how would they stay or get into office?

We need a "Liar's Tax"


Anonymous said...

How 'bout a tax on racism, Dan? We could tax all Republicans and people who watch Fox News.

Or a hypocrite tax, which might worry you.

Anonymous said...

You forgot ammunition and firearm taxes.I've been donating heavily to the kitty lately.

Dan Francis said...

9:05 -- I'm sick and tired of your racial remarks tied to me... I am not a racist and do not and have not advocated any sort of racism... I ask you politely to stop your little war chant and sill-ass little one-note tune and dance of shame.

Anonymous said...

Soon with the ambitious spending plan JCC wants, there will be a special Jcc tax.

Earthbob said...

Our governments could go bankrupt.

Then an unelected court appointed trustee will resolve the situation.

As both parties elected officials continue to ignore the fact that we can no longer afford ourselves, necessity will rise to the occasion.

In the past year both parties federal elected officials have voted for an emergency economic strategy that socializes costs and privatizes profit.

Define taxes?

That may be done by a court appointed trustee.

But, thank you for playing Tax and Spend.

Bankrupt for $1,000 Alex.

Editor's Note: I did not use the word proce....oops!

Anonymous said...

Dan is not racist. He leaves that up to the Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Quit trying to lie about our little argument, Dan. NO ONE, certainly not me, called you a racist. You know that. You just ran your mouth one too many times and attempted to smear a lot of good people. I don't know if you did it for fashion, to be noticed, or why. My guess is that people like you have been able to use this card often in the past, and they have gotten away with it. They smear people with nothing at all to back it up. They call people racist because it's an effective way to get attention and put others on the defensive. Sorry Dan. I won't let you double talk or lie about our exchange. You're the one who said what you did. I made no accusations, other than this. It is time that people who smear people with this "racist" crap be held to account. My advice to you is expect a response from me every time you dabble in double talk about this topic. The sad thing this is, befor this, I was on your side more often than you will ever realize. I am just through with people who pull this stuff out of their butt when it suits their purposes.

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