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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Something Tells Me

Perhaps Mayor Graham might be reading the wrong tea leaves this time in his assessment that Conservative candidate for the 23rd Congressional seat, Doug Hoffman, is a fly by night and will not stay in the race.

The Mayor consistently has stated that Hoffman is only around to intimidate Scozzafava.  

It appears he may be vested in this campaign, but still absent of any local movement. Today's campaign announcement suggest some key Republicans and Conservatives on the National level will see to it he stays in the race and remains competitive, albeit just somewhat.

He announced campaign operatives today Team Hoffman.

He has some heavy hitters on his campaign team, not the least of which is Rob Ryan, who served as Pataki's campaign manager when he defeated Mario Cuomo, then went on to assist Randy Daniels.

What Hoffman lacks is any local people serving, which is a gaping hole in his organization.


Anonymous said...

He also fails to live in the district.

Dan Francis said...

Maybe he can have a fundraiser outside the district and so "wider support" LOL - Owens is (one in Syracuse)... how ironic is that?

Anonymous said...

It is pretty funny since no one in his district has heard from him. lmao

Anonymous said...

Hoffman is such a clown...hiring these folks from years gone by who don't live ANYWHERE near this district completely turns me off. For that matter, he doesn't even live in the district.

How much more can we let this guy distract from the important issues of every day life...abortion, gay marriage...come on. Those issues aren't on the majority of folks minds every day.

Scozzafava I know and Owens I don't...makes my decision easy, especially because he wasn't even a Dem when he asked for the nomination. I'm tired of politicans doing whatever they ned to focus their own power.

Dan Francis said...

Maybe Mr. Hoffman can jump on this issue and work to protect "public schools" -- if in fact this idea were to take root -

Drum is mentioned, BTW:

DOD Schools To Move On Post (again)?

Watch the anti-government crowd go nuts over this ... why?

Public education stinks ... move them on post!


~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Mr Francis, if you weren't such a provincial thinker you would grasp the fact that Biden was in Syracuse for an entirely different function, and acted in a fundraising capacity for Owens on the side. And since the Dems from Jeff County contributed all of about 3500 $$ toward Obama's campaign, why would any national pol think it would be a great idea to fundraise here? (derrr.....it ain't rocket science...well, maybe to some of you it is.)

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