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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Odds and Ends

Is Congressional Candidate Bill Owens even in the race the 23rd Congressional seat?

He refused an interview here.

"Owens didn't respond to requests over two days for an interview. His staff said he wasn't available. In a written statement"

Was it a Happy Labor Day for the unions?

A Gallup poll suggest otherwise -

While New York remains the most unionized state:
Most unionized states
State % of work force
1. New York 24.9
2. Hawaii 24.3
3. Alaska 23.5
Source: AFL-CIO

Congressional candidate Scozzafava might want to rethink "card check."

Is today's speech by Obama to the students indoctrination or just a good gesture? Laura Bush thinks it is a good idea and she is right, Presidents have been addressing school students for years, it should not stop now. Obama rightfully should be beyond politics when he speaks to the students today, others think it is just indoctrination. 

Just in case you do not think so, here is a hall pass for your son or daughter.
 Joe Kennedy will not run for Uncle Teddy's seat, which is likely the end of an era in the Bay state?

The decision surrenders a seat the Kennedy family has held for all but two years since 1953, when John F. Kennedy moved from the U.S. House to the Senate, before being elected president in 1960. It became vacant Aug. 25, when Edward Kennedy died of brain cancer at age 77. He was first elected to the Senate in 1962.


Dan Francis said...

IVY: I'm glad you posted that about Owens and his "No" to the AP interview... odd to say the least - he's out campaigning they say. Okay - where's the coverage of that I wonder? All he has up is a "campaign contribution site;" no issue links.

Then sprinkle this in from former NYS Dem Chair, June O'Neill, which I find very interesting:

* "I think everybody's sort of resigned to that fact, and we have selected the person that we expect to nominate once we can do that," O'Neill said.

My advise to the DEMS, which is like me giving advise to the GOP:

"Dump Bill Owens, an INDY and NOT a DEM in any sense of the definition. Get a staunch lifelong DEM who knows the party, principles, values and district back and forth - and not man who will have to act like a DEM should he get into office.

Hell, the man is even against the "public option health care proposal" that outta tell all DEMS something.

DEMS: "INDY registered voter vs. INDY DEM thinker: they are NOT the same, folks, not one bit.

IMHO - now, open fire - I'm ready.

— dmf

BTW: We now have to date 5,159 KIA in Iraq and Afghanistan (and growing monthyl again), and the detainee torture issue will not go away [an issue I have long wanted to talk about], and where do these three 'candidates' stand on those two major issues? Who knows? Who cares, right? Pathetic.

Dan Francis said...

That Hall Pass Excuse: you missed one excuse:

"Listening to GOP-Rightwingnut fear and scare tactical Büllçräp on Talk Radio and FOX."

It's just "Free Speech" you say?

Yepper, it is: And, I just expressed mine, too, 'cept mine is more truthful than theirs.

— dmf

Anonymous said...

Dan Francis is getting tiresome with his advice. He had an opportunity to wow 'em at BML. What went wrong?

Anonymous said...

Fox newz, Fox newz, blah blah. Would be happy, Dan, if they were all like NBC/CBS/MSNBC/NY Times etc?

Fox newz blah blah.

You sure have been a disappointment lately.

Dan Francis said...

2:52: I did "wow them," but I didn't have the money - I have the issues and fire in the belly, but not the big bucks ... not like this:

Biden Fundraiser for Owens in Syracuse

Simply put: Syracuse IS NOT in the district, and Owens is NOT a DEM --- and he won't be officially until after the election. So, someone please tell me one more time how "All politics is local?"

I have two words about that: "Horse" and "$hït."

The only question remaining for the DEMS is:

"How do we get the $hït back into the horse?"

I am seriously considering changing parties - trouble is: who will have me? LOL

— dmf

Dan Francis said...

Footnote: read the last sentence of the Biden-Owens fundraiser invitation ... they are already asking for money for 2010.

How presumptuous is that?

Biden-Owens Fundraiser Invitation

Anonymous said...

As long as you can constantly repeat Fox News, Fox News, you're in the right party, Dan.

No worries.

Dan Francis said...

8:56 - True, I do sound off a lot as I try to get and stay engaged on current events and hot topics and subjects that interest me.

I do it for one reason: I believe that's our duty as citizens whom we claim to be.

I always try to engage calmly and rationally and from a position of knowledge and reseach of the issues and then I try to engage in tough debate -- I may not always win (and usually do lose more than I win; esp in this neck of the woods), but it does not stop nor hinder me from expressing a view and opinion on most topics of the day that interest me - in short: I never give up without a good effort.

Just in case you wondered, and you probably do not. LOL

— dmf

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