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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thumbs Up or Down (Updated)

Time to give a thumbs up or down for the current Congressional NY-23 ads.

Anyone who has ever marketed a product (which a candidate is) should understand you have to sell that product and it is most effectively by not disparaging another product. Disparaging another product is only a sign of weakness, some of these political ad people need to find another job.

Hoffman ad: thumbs down

National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee ad: thumbs down

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee ad: thumbs down & full of distortion

Bill Owens ad: thumbs up

Owens wins the opening week 1 of the NY-23 ad war.


hermit thrush said...

Anyone who has ever marketed a product, which a candidate is, will understand you have to sell that product and it is most effectively by not disparaging another product. Disparaging another product is only a sign of weakness.

i genuinely think that's a nice sentiment, and i wish the world worked like that. but i don't think it does. well, maybe it does if you're selling laundry detergent. but that's not how it goes in politics! the sad fact is that negative ads really do work. that's why we seem them every election.

Dan Francis said...

Owens "Thumbs up" except for the Brooklyn twang ...

And, the fact that he is an INDY acting like DEM and won't be an official DEM until after the election - that's a "thumbs down..."

Big Money = Slick Phoney Ads

CL said...

Doug Hoffman is at least honest about his affiliation.
He is the true conservative and Republican here.


DownStateOperative said...

hermit thrush

Negative ads firm the base. No more, no less. The Republican base is very fragile and the negative ad is necessary as a start. Don't be fooled by Republicans like the PIV who pretend that the negative ads are bad but then repeat their use and accept their results. When PIV sends an open letter to Washington demanding the negative ads be discontinued, then you can get excited about his post.

Anonymous said...

Give it up, Francis- Owens got the nod and you didn't. Your campaigning has become negative. Owens has produced in the Plattsburgh area, whether YOU like it or not.

Anonymous said...

Klemit, I understand what you are claiming and agree. This negative stuff is here to stay unless and until we voters decide to think otherwise. Every campaign on every level goes for it. But even when people disagree and be nice about it things get down and dirty pretty quickly. It doesn't take much these days. You and I both know. And sometimes we both have reasons. I don't know what the answer is but nobody is really listening to anyone. It's a bad time. But you're winning. Guys like me are on their way out. Next time I hope to see our first red-headed president. Who knows what the gimmick will be? But we do know he/she will be supported by the mainstream media, if they're a registered Donkey.

And Dan, you're right regarding Owens. I don't see how we can consider a guy who isn't a REAL Democrat. Never mind that he was nominated by your party. We can't consider anybody with any sign of independent thinking.

Do you even think about what you're saying, Dan?

Anonymous said...

Since when are you against negative ads? I recall you defending Renzi and his negative crap all last summer. My memory even stretches back to the 04 election when I received mailbox after mailbox full of literature from your campaign hammering Aubertine.
You do make a good point because after Renzi started the negative ads last fall he got beat, and we all know how bad you were drubbed. Maybe there is some truth that, "Disparaging another product is only a sign of weakness."

Anonymous said...

8:57, I even remember the cheesy ads scott ran against darrel in 2004, "higher taxes for us more spending for them." I think there was something in the ads about Darrel voting to fund a NYC tennis league.

Who is Doug Hoffman? He doesn't even talk about his record or beliefs in the ad. i think Hoffman's strategy of going negative early will fail just like it did for Scott Gray, David Renzi, and William Barclay.

Anonymous said...

8:57 You have a selective memory. But that's what I would expect. Pattern thinking. You're a party line man's wet dream.

Dan Francis said...




Of course I know what I'm saying - so guys, why come the GOP has in this race: a "regular GOPer line," and a "Conservative line" and it's not the same person?

All these years you have made most of the voters in this neck of the woods believe that you always tied one GOPer into one person and one line?

tic toc, tic toc.

But, I stand by this until my dying day: "Nominating an INDY for an open DEM slot" is unfair and will always be unfair in my judgment and in this case, I am dead right.

Owens is not a DEM, legally or otherwise, period.

Dan Francis said...

Owens DID NOT produce any jobs per se himself in Plattsburgh ... the agency he advised as a lawyer did perhaps, but he did not.

Do your homework ... the only jobs he and those like him may have "created" were in their own office.

Elected officials DO NOT per se create jobs themselves -- but it makes for a good sound byte and phoney campaign pledge, doesn't it?


CL said...

Everyone here agrees that the race does not include a real democrat or a real Republican.

But, it does include a real Conservative, Doug Hoffman. Conservative Republicans have no choice but to vote for Doug or stay home.

Perhaps next time GOP faithful will get some back bone and toss the local Republicans who came up with this liberal scheme.

This all does us no good.

Anonymous said...

Dede is broke and she can't run any tv ads

Anonymous said...

Hey CL

I thought you were a big GOP volunteer - petition, rah rah and all that stuff.

How can you be posting here at the same time the elephants were gathering at their meeting last night?

Hoffman will never get my vote.

CL said...

"Hoffman will never get my vote."

Then your Republican sell out vote will be the one I will cancel as Doug Hoffman, a true conservative, gets mine.


Anonymous said...

I'll stick with DeDe over the "values" guy who went back on his word not to support the choice of the Republican chairs this summer.

Anonymous said...

Dan, your "create jobs" crap shows just how out of it you are. NO elected official creates jobs. No more than they create lakes or mountain ranges. Spend some time by yourself and unlearn what you've learned.

As far as your tic toc, I have no idea what your point is. I don't see a connection with racism or Fox News, so I guess it's a party line thing. It's gotta be. The way I see it, getting away from a party line kinda guy could be a good thing. But I can see where that's a threat to your very soul.

Dan Francis said...

12:58 - God, you're thick... that's precisely what I said... they only CREATE jobs in their own offices...

Please pay more attention - as I said before, your grades in class there are suffering.

Now snap to, buckle up and pay attention.

Anonymous said...

Dan Francis the Insufferable has issued another edict- he says "pay attention." That translates as "you are not allowed an opinion that differs from his.

I can't take this methane-releasing here any more. DMF, you have driven me away. You never propose an alternative that doesn't designate you as the authority.

Anonymous said...

The real story here is that Dede is scared and broke. She is the only candidate not up on the air herself. Hmmm..... Hoffman is gaining traction showing Dede for what she truly is - an opportunistic career politician.

Anonymous said...

With all deference to anon. 6:24, I think the real story here is that anyone would seriously consider sending Hoffman to Congress over Scozzafava. (By the way, his mis-pronouncing her name is getting old) It would be like an NCAA team sending out their third string at the Final Four! Minor parties are called minor for a reason, and Hoffman is exhibit A.

Dan Francis said...

Ads, polls, and campaign promises and stuff ... here's my take.

Let's ask the three "candidates and then back and watch."

Public Health Care Option Poll Results

— dmf

Anonymous said...

4:41 Don't let Dan get you down. He's kind of lost it lately, but there was a time a few months ago when there was hope. That time may come again. In the meantime, just remember to admit you're a racist and repeat grade school comments about Fox News. That way Dan thinks you are ok. You have to keep it simple and stay on topic.

Dan Francis said...

Two key postings with more questions for our 23 "candidates" shall we ask them?

Let's Ask Dede, Doug and Bill

— dmf

Anonymous said...

9:42 PM Hoffman does not have a record which makes him perfect for the task at hand. He has a real job, runs a real company pays NYS taxes and don't like the rates.He feels he can do something about it,unlikely with the lunatics in control of the state and country. Out of our choices he will be my pick.Unless dannyboy gets in.

Anonymous said...

Hey HT you hit the nail on the head, Horny Toad active wear hasn't been paid by Hacketts.

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