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Thomas Jefferson

Monday, September 14, 2009

Lazio In

Former Congressman and candidate for the US Senate, Rick Lazio is preparing to announce his candidacy for NYS Governor.

Heck with Rudy, Lazio is not waiting for him to decide, he will announce his bid on September 21st in Albany.

Read more here: Lazio Will Run for Governor


Anonymous said...

so the REpublicans are into recycling after all!!!

Anonymous said...

Sweet! A Republican Paterson can beat!

Anonymous said...

ANY Dem can beat ANY Republican.
We are a Donkey state.
That's the way it is.
We can debate all kinds of stuff, but no matter, in the end, we vote DONKEY.

Anonymous said...

Lazio??? Probably still owes money from his last attempt at Public Office.

Anonymous said...

A little of topic but figured it could fit on the repub bashing thread.Can anyone explain gillibrands no vote on defunding acorn?

Senate’s Child Sex Seven: Suporting ACORN against Johanns defunding amendment: Don’t let them forget their votes!

Burris (D-IL)
Casey (D-PA)
Durbin (D-IL)
Gillibrand (D-NY)
Leahy (D-VT)
Sanders (I-VT)
Whitehouse (D-RI)

The House vote to defund ACORN isn’t going to be as easy. Help me stigmatize Senate supporters, and caution your Representative not to join this club during the upcoming House vote: Senate’s Child Sex Seven

Anonymous said...

Lazio is a proven LOSER -- The Elephant gasping in the throes of despair :>)

Anonymous said...

Bring it on Rick! The Dems should be so lucky. Ricky or Rudy - either way GOP can you say buh-bye?

Anonymous said...

oh dear, i don't know if lazio would be any better than paterson. he seemed clueless in 2000. (that's not to say i'm enthusiastic about Andrew Cuomo: I'm not).

can't we have an upstate governor? I mean the last upstate governor we had was fdr. Is asking for one upstate governor a century too much?

Dede would make a nice choice (yes I'm serious). I wish she would run and the democrats would nominate paterson. she'ld win.

Anonymous said...

11:29 am, gillibrand is still terrified by the ultra-liberal nyc democrats who don't trust her and demand allegiance to every liberal cause.

Dan Francis said...

Gillibrand needs a Dem Primary if for nothing else, to keep her honest -- which right now, she is not. But, flaky and wishy-washy come to mind.

I wish I had the money...

Anonymous said...

Gillibrand really made us proud, being one of 7 senators who think ACORN should still get taxpayer funds. But you probably agree with that, don'tcha Dan?


Anonymous said...

It's unfortunate that despite all of the wonderful things that ACORN has done, its reputation will be sullied by this "staged event".

This is nothing more that disguised racism.

Dan Francis said...

9:20 - why do insist in trying to speak for me all the time, whoever you are?

If you speculate about me 10 times, you'd be wrong 11...

Grow up and if you have any questions for me... ask me directly - not hiding behind an Anonymous moniker.

I have never given anyone any hint that I was an ACORN fan of any sort.

Anonymous said...

But we can tell dan.some things you just can't hide.

Anonymous said...

Anyone against ACORN must be a racist.
Anyone in the Republican party must be a racist.
Fox News is racist.

These are all absolute truths.
Excuse me while I relax on my bidet.

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