"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tucker Not Impressed

Tucker Carlson does not sound like he was impressed with the speech. And he wonders - who is going to pay for all this health care!

A Man On His Way To Bitterness

"And that was pretty much it. Nobody else—not seniors, not the middle class or the poor or anyone else you have ever met personally—was going to have to pay anything for this wonderful new system. In Obama’s telling, there are only upsides. Free ice cream for everybody."


Dan Francis said...

It amazes me that two people can hear the same speech and come away with totally different things they thought they heard, or put a spin on it make it what they want or did not want, to hear.

As they say, "Where you sit, determines where you stand."

Tucker Carlson used to wear bowties until his was 35 years old - that outta tell you something! LOL

His opinion is not more important than yours or mine. Keep that in mind and honest debate maybe can prevail.

Political pundits may have the ege over the public in general with their access to a daily national platform (TV, radio, mass media, etc.), and a huge megaphone, but in the end, they have only one vote and one voice just like you and me.

That's how I look at these so-called "experts."

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

I don't understand, PIV. What is your problem with free stuff? It worked during the campaign. Nothing has changed since then. The American people haven't gotten smarter all of a sudden. Bring on the free stuff. This time, it's health care. I don't know about you but I want it.

Anonymous said...

Danny likes the speech.

Surprise surprise.

Anonymous said...

What I find funny is that in this whole debate on controlling the cost of health care, Tort reform is MIA. In the past I have heard that liability insurance runs about 10-15 cents of every dollar. IF that is true, we could cut costs dramatically by limiting pain and suffering awards.

Oh yea, most of the Senators and congressmen are attorneys. What is the chance of that happening.

Dan Francis said...

Anon 8:18 - yes, the speech was right on the mark -- that is for anyone who went into the speech with an open mind -- which is the way I always look at these things.

It was powerful and needed to set out the goals, ideals and aim for reform -- which we all agree is needed -- how to get there, well, that's the tough part. The GOP is determined to make it as tough as possible and anyway possible.

I have a letter the editor that I hope gets published in the next day or so -- they sent it back to me and asked me to "cut it down (too long)," and I did.

I give an historial look at how the GOP fought SS the same way starting with Alf Landon's speech back in 1936, right through the resistance against Medicare in 1965. Both programs work well, and both are very popular with those they serve. Nearly 50 million seniors and others (disabled, poor, or near the poverty level) rely on the programs - and lest we forget: most the vast majority of Americans have already paid into them. Who argues about taking them away today?

Now, the same deal exists with this reform proposal -- the most resistance: giant insurance companies with many members of congress in their wallets (cite: Sen. Baucus at #1)...

And, again the GOP is on the wrong side of history ... I say, pass a bill, vote on it and then defend your "Yea," or "Nay" vote to the people ... let history decide.

That's the way to do business -- and along the way make it better just like we have for SS and Medicare and the VA and the GI Bill.

— dmf

Anonymous said...

A Quick History Lesson

The U.S. Post Service was established in 1775. So they've had 234 years to make it work. It is broke.

Social Security was established in 1935. They've had 74 years to make it work. It is broke.

Fannie Mae was established in 1938. They've had 71 years to make it work. It is broke.

Freddie Mac was established in 1970. They've had 39 years to make it work. It is broke.

The War on Poverty started in 1964. They've had 45 years to make it work. About $1 trillion of taxpayer money is confiscated each year and transferred to “the poor.” It hasn't worked.

Medicare and Medicaid were established in 1965. They've had 44 years to make it work. They are both broke.

AMTRAK was established in 1970. They've had 39 years to make it work. Last year it had to be bailed out and today continues running at a loss.

$700 billion bailout of 2008. It has yet to create a single new private-sector job.
Cash for Clunkers in 2009 went broke after 80% of the cars purchased turned out to be produced by foreign companies.

The U.S. government has a 100% failure rate.

Is it any wonder why we are in favor of less, not more, government?

Anonymous said...

10:37- thanks for the best laugh of the day, Rush.

You give us the REpublican talking points memo, forgetting that most of the damage you refer to was done by REpublicans calling for "less government."

The TARP program was initiated under Bush 43. $400 billion was actually released, $71 billion was refunded so far, and $12 billion in dividends was paid to the govt so far. The WDT last week ran a headline that the govt is making money on the loans.

As DF would say, sit up straight, put the spitballs away, turn your cellphone off, and pay attention.

Dan Francis said...

10:37 - sadly, it is NOT government; it's the Yahoos running government... plain and simple.

"We gets whats we is deserves." — Amos and Andy 'splaining guvment function to Kingfish

~ dmf

Dan Francis said...

7:31 - thanks for your input. Good post.

Anonymous said...

10:37 lists many reasons why big government programs are not always the best long term answer, and the best you can do is call him "Rush" and follow up with drival about how the TARP program is making money for taxpayers. Then he/she salutes Danny, to which Danny salutes Danny.

Is this the best you can do? These types of postings give me an urge to spend more on public education.

Anonymous said...

here's a comment from a congressman
"Under the budget proposed by the Bush Administration, the government is expected to borrow over $2 trillion from these Social Security trust funds to pay for government spending over the next ten years. Moreover, Administration officials and Republican congressional leaders have called the trust funds "a mere accounting device"1 from which employees will get "nothing in return"2 - indicating that the federal government does not plan to honor its commitment to paying back what it has borrowed from Social Security."

here's the link:


you might want to reconsider your "education" comment. This isn't my first county fair, I am secure with my considered opinion (based on facts.)


Anonymous said...

I know. You're comfortable with government running most everything in your life. That's fine. It's just not what this country was all about when we started this experiment. Admittedly, that's what we've become. We are now a group of sheep who see no danger in an army of chosen types regulating all aspects of our lives. It doesn't matter much to me any more. Like Danny, I've got my govment pension and health care. It's your kids who are going to pay. But I absolutely concede it seems to be what most Americans want. The real problem will come when our young people learn that they are going to be taxed into the ground to pay for all this free stuff. When they lose their incentive to build a life for themselves, why should they, as the "basics" will be provided no matter what they do, there will be hell to pay. Government governs best that governs least. I believe those words. Can't remember who said them. Maybe I have ADDHDDT. That means I SHOULD be getting a check. Payed for with someone else's money. That always seems to be the case, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

2009 9:02 PM
What does a budget proposal from 2004 have to do with what is happening today? (answer) everything esp. when obongo is doing everything bush did times three or more if he can pull it off. But now it is a good thing right? GOOD GRIEF

Anonymous said...

I am not justifying any of this. I am pointing out that these issues are not the result of the 2008 presidential election, as many people seem to think; and many of these problems go back to before I was born. When corporations successfully took over the government through lobby groups, and when agencies like the WTO and IMF got their claws into international markets, we were doomed as a middle class. We are a nation accustomed to handouts, sheep as you call them, and as long as most of them have a TV, a cellphone, and <$4 gas, you won't hear much complaining. I don't hear any complaining about the money wasted in Iraq, ( I know a soldier who had to guard a semi trailer jammed full of American currency because no one seemed to know whose it was); I don't hear any noise about the business dealings of the Carlyle Group, is that because there's a "free market?" It was ok for Henry Ford , Prescott Bush, Lindbergh, and several other prominent American businessmen to invest in Hitler in the 30s, but not ok for Obama to buy a stake in GM to keep some jobs going. As usual, although I am for open discussion of these issues, I have yet to come across an alternative plan from the right wing critics. Economists are no better than witch doctors- when Greenspan say solemnly say he didn't see the mortage/banking/market meltdown coming, then you know something's wrong. When Harvard's endowment fund loses 30% last fall, how do you expect the average bear to stay afloat? Complain about Biden fundraising for Owens out of the area, but Biden was in Syracuse for an entirely different reason, and Biden also did a fundraiser for Maffei. But your mayor hasn't seen straight since he saw a republican flop of a VP candidate in Auburn, posturing, getting ready to cut and run from her job as governess, pretending she has a clue as to what women's rights really means. Get the phonys and self-serving egomaniacs out of politics at every level, and get back to basic government, (national defense, not offense, consumer protection, protection from our crazy neighbors, a bit of zoning and public infrastructure ) and I'm with you. If you want less government, then fine corporations that fail to honor their pension plan obligations, and do away with the PBGC. They're down about $33 bil as we speak. And do away with fees for every goddam thing I want to do.

Anonymous said...

I disagree. I believe much of our latest steps toward a meaningless life are the result of the '08 election. We now have prez Great One, who was elected on three major planks. One, CHANGE. Sounds good. But there's nothing to debate on that. It does fit well with mall types, and requires little thought. Therefore, it was perfect for the voters. Secondly, he stood for being the FIRST BLACK PREZ WOULDN'T IT BE COOL YOU DON'T WANT TO BE A RACIST faction. This was slick. Nothing to debate here either. You can't really bring up anything about anything, because if you did, you'd be an uncool racist. That worked well with the folks as well. Lastly, came a combo of HOPE and FREE STUFF. Talk about a knockout punch. Now how could anyone disagree with that. Especially folks who don't pay any income taxes, and therefore have no stake in the free part of the stuff.

You take the Great One, add him in with balanced partners like Al Franken and Nanciiiee "Wind Storm and Big Free Jets" Pelosi, and Sir, I submit you have the makin's for some changin.

But I got to thinkin' over a sandwich one day about all this. As I see it, you have some valid points. Maybe I'm misunderstanding and if so you can correct me. Those Elephants are now doing much the same stuff as the Dems. They seem less corrupt about it but we'll let that go. Both parties can hold their own in that regard. The Reps buy votes with our money, same as the Donkeys. Both parties have now confiscated all the money they can from people who work, and as we all know, yous ain't gonna get any from the people who don't. So to keep this ponzi scheme alive they have to keep screwing working Americans. The Reps want to do the same thing as the Dems, but more slowly. Maybe we're better off under the Dems. They will kill this nation off faster and more cleanly than the Elephants. It will be more painless for the people who matter, ME (and Danny, maybe you) and when we have finished the job of eliminating incentive to work, completely opened our borders (almost there) and taken down all barriers to illegal voting (again, close) we can rebuild. Maybe not. But at this point, I think I can weather out the coming chaos.

Who gives a crap about the fine citizens who let this country go down the tubes in the first place. We had a good thing for over 200 years. It was time for CHANGE. Imagine how funny it's going to be when all these non-working "I get a check" types sit home waiting for their payment, and there is no one left working to pay the bill? I kind of regret that I won't be around to see it. Hopefully, I'll be in a government run, subsidized cemetary someplace, and marked with an environmentally approved headstone.

Anonymous said...

11:27 AM
It sounds like you are throwing in the towel? Don't give in just yet, a spark (liberal control) has ignited a shitstorm in this country.You are going to see a sea of change starting in 2010 and we are going to finish the job in 2012.These lying sacks o sh** rep and dem will be fired.The people are finally waking up and will vet these sobs before they weasle in.And hold them accountable once in. Constitution comes first! czars last.

Anonymous said...

I just don't see it, 9:49. There are too many reasons why we won't pull ourselves out of it this time. I see this country as finished, within a decade or two. Hell, you mention the Constitution. The Donkeys have a talking point tattooed to their asses. Dan can tell ya, he memorizes them. They call the Constitution a "LIVING DOCUMENT". That means it can mean whatever they want it to mean after any election after they insert any activist judge they can. And yous know what? They are already there. The Second Ammendment almost got erased this last year. It won't be long. And the Elephants don't believe in freedom either. Bush went along with too much stuff, and ended up standing for nothing. I liked the man, but lost respect for him when he just kept spending. I don't know what a Republican is in NYS. Not sure we ever had one.

Nah, free stuff is here to stay. Lying is here to stay. Media bias is here to stay. Corrupt pols are here to stay. And best of all, citizens who have their heads up their party line asses are here to stay. So we are done for. What are YOU gonna do about it? Refuse to pay your property taxes? You think Shelly Silver will be impressed by that? Do you think the Reps will stand up to their special interests just because another generation of NYers left the state? Uh, NOPE. They will not limit spending on any level. So you better be prepared to limit your life so they won't have to place any limits on theirs.

Anonymous said...

what you say makes sense I hate to have to agree with such a statement.The living doc is what this tea party fight is really about but the main stream media says it's because he's a negro.But I have not given up hope on the american people just yet I feel a movement under foot.And we got good news today the joker says the depression is over.You watch 1/3 of the country will believe him and we can bail their asses out next year.At least we have that to look forward to.

Anonymous said...

10:37, what about the state's bailout of the lake placid olympics? wasn't that a success?

Anonymous said...

Uh, yeah, that was just a great thing, that Olympic deal.

My dog is now laughing.

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