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Monday, September 21, 2009

Who Would Of Thought

If you listen and read Jefferson Leaning Left or Jefferson Democrat you would think the Democrats would never stoop as low as conducting a push poll. If you believe everything you read and hear that is!

But, here is living, breathing and written proof they actually play politics.

Pandora's Box of Rocks

I guess Rick Wiley at JLL might be eating crow.


Anonymous said...

how do you know it's not Hoffman. Hoffman's released poll was borderline push poll and clearly softer on Owens.

Dan Francis said...

I'll pass on the crow, but yes, I already did my phone survey ...

Now, I want to share this short video with everyone.

Your feedback is important ... I hope it's honest and truthful, just like this 9-minute video shows.

Return of McCarthyism

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

It is Hoffman, in a sneaky attempt to smear both Repubs and Dems at the same time.

Anonymous said...

If it was a Hoffman push poll Anon 1 it wouldn't have mentioned Owens.

Ted Ford's dems are just as dirty, if not more, than he claims the republicans are.

Hey Ted, stop ghost writing Jeff Dem and come back and take your medicine. Hypocrite

Anonymous said...

The poll was conducted by Hoffman.

Hoffman poll results

CL said...

The poll served its purpose and so what if it was soft on Owens. It fooled the liberal Republicans into thinking it was a Dem push poll and brought us accurate results within our committed base. If you read the results, Owens can be beat, but only by a conservative. The undecided are most likely conservatives in a conservative district and are not yet willing to turn their district over to a leftist liberal. If Dede wins, you will regret selling out to a liberal. She will change parties fast to take advantage of the Dem. majority. Hoffman will not. Dede will do us no good.


K. muschell said...

If you read my blog, I said that there were two polls. Perhaps one was Hoffman and one was Owens.
They were a couple of weeks or so apart.

Anonymous said...

cl, Dede never switched parties as an assemblywoman despite being in the minority for 10 years.

In the asembly the incentives to switch parties are much more compelling given the stipend members received for chairing committees (which very often never even met) and the lack of influence of the minority. In congress there are enough republicans and moderate to conservative democrats in congress that republican can sometimes influence or block legislation. Given the enormous majority the democrats have in the assembly and the ultra liberal idealogy of most nyc democrats the gop has no power in the assembly.

Anonymous said...

It dosn't matter rep or dem they are all crooks and sneaky,you can't say it's not so.

Anonymous said...

DO NOT PICK ON TED FORD. I know Ted Ford. Ted Ford is a friend of mine. You're no Ted Ford.

I mean, how can you NOT like Ted Ford. I disagree with him on everything, but I still like TF. He's one of only a handful of party liners that I can honestly say I would observe the civility rule with. You know, that rule that they want to trot out whenever it suits them. And the one they themselves don't want to honor.

Anonymous said...

Dan, would you look into the significance of why PIV, a known REPUBLICAN, chose to use a BLACK crow for the photo of this plate deal on the heading? These are the kinds of things that cannot be allowed to stand.


Anonymous said...

Damn right - a RED crow - from a 'RED' area GOPer ... that outta work, right ... moron.

Anonymous said...

I be a MORON now, 7:09. You're not living within the new civility rule, my little poster. What's the matter with a RED crow? I didn't really know they had 'em. But why go right to a BLACK one? That is RACIST. Dan will be on it in a minute. And I hate to break it to ya, but this ain't no GOP area. That idea went out over a decade ago. People who trot that out have lost touch with reality. I should know. I lost touch with reality a long time ago too. There, happy? Yous hurt my feelings.

FlatsFarmer said...

It been some time now and the only push polls that have showed up so far are the one commissioned by Dough Hoffman and the one by the republican guys in Washington who are looking to support the conservative candidate. I guess you better take JLL's crow with you to Pete's and pass it down the bar. Don't forget to take a few bites yourself, Scott.

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