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Monday, January 19, 2009

Departure With Class

As opposed to the Clinton departure, "W" will leave office tomorrow with class. There will be no long "me, me, me" speech at Andrews Air Force like Clinton gave during the Bush inauguration that served as nothing more than a distraction during the festivities for Bush.

Clinton's self indulgent speech along with White House staffers removing the W's on keyboards was fitting for a president whose sole focus was on himself. By contrast, Bush understands tomorrow belongs to Obama and has scheduled a departing speech, but no press.

1:25 pm          THE FORMER PRESIDENT makes Remarks at Departure Ceremony
                       Andrews Air Force Base – Hangar 6 | Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland
                       CLOSED PRESS
The White House staff has also stressed the O's on keyboards will remain in tact.


J.C. aka pg said...

When the Clinton Administration left they took all the W's from the keyboards. The Bush Admin. promises to leave all the O's. My question is, will they leave any of the $ keys

RWiley said...

PIV has been wracking his brains for weeks to come up with one positive and constructive thing about the George W. Bush administration. PIV has struck gold with this one as he now can finally define the George Bush Legacy.

But, it is the same old right wing wacko miscue you were caught in for 8 years. While you are all excited about intact keyboards, George will be slipping out the back door with a truck load of silverware.

Keep an eye on Cheney !! You can carry more with a wheel chair than you can on foot. When a guy with a heart condition is lifting boxes, he must have been hiding something. Snicker.

Anonymous said...

How else should he have left, out the back door of the White House, with the silverware and a one way plane ticket to Paraguay? Give me a break, even Nixon left with dignity and he was also a crook.

RWiley said...

Not to mention that George Bush has no use for a keyboard or the internets.

Anonymous said...

Duh - my name Uhm is Riley and in cape vincent here we have more than one internets and we can talk to anyone

My man Riley you are sad!

RWiley said...

When I get back to the main land, Riley, I will swing over to cape vincent and explain to you what that all means.

You finally screwed up enough courage to post using a name, even if you had to borrow part of mine. Congratulations.

It is the middle of the night here and cool enough now to sleep. Enjoy the day and the new hope that Mr. Obama brings.

Anonymous said...

One was a dishonorable man, the other wasn't.

I don't blame our posters for trying to change the subject.

There were all kinds of things stolen from the White House when Billy left. Some much more important than keys on a keyboard.

No Wiley, you guys win when it comes to sleazy thefts. Sandy Berger shoving documents in his pants was the best example. But stick to your political party BS. Defend the indefensible. It's all you know.

hermit thrush said...

bush is no honorable man. but, apart from the blair house controversy, i completely agree that bush has comported himself with class and grace during the transition, and one can't help but admire the genuine warmth he's shown towards obama. so i say if the bush supporters want to take pride in bush's graceful exit, then let them -- it's about all they have left.

Carletonite said...

Give us all a break Wiley. Why don't you tend to cape vincent politics and make sure they put those windmills on your familys land like you've been working on.

Anonymous said...

Clinton steals things from the White House, while Bush doesn't. Seems simple enough even for a man/woman like hermit.

Guess not.

John Quincy said...

RWiley, do mean to tell me that anybody rolling around in a wheelchair is a thief? A rather insensitive comment for a lefty isn't it? As for Mr. Bush: in my opinion he has served our nation Honorably. More Honorably than his predecessor who was a whoremonger, an adulterer, and a great embarrassment to ouyr nation. I will give you the point that Mr. Bush wasn't perfect and polished like Clinton or Obama, he mad some major policy mistakes and suspended civil liberties through the Patriot Act, and probably a few other things that your creative mind can contrive. All of this aside, Mr. Bush has served with dignity, honor, and a aove all grace and character. The last time a foreign power asaulted the U.S. on our soil was the British during the War of 1812. I hope and pray that it shall never happen again and Mr. Bush had the courage and perseverence to see to it that it would never happen again. Thank you President Bush for your faith, courage, and love for your country!

Anonymous said...

From above........"RWiley, do mean to tell me that anybody rolling around in a wheelchair is a thief"

Go back and read what RWiley said you moron. He didnt say that at all. You come on here dude with your stupid stalking stuff and you never have any sense. What are you smoking dude.

hermit thrush said...

anon 8:35:
um, i just reread what i wrote, and it sure looks like i said that, much to his credit, bush handled himself with class during the transition. reports of the clinton administration's malfeasance during the 2001 transition have been trumped up, and i don't understand why humorless republicans fixate so much on the removal of w's from keyboards. but look, in my mind there's no question that bush has outclassed clinton's deportment from the transition 8 years ago.

john quincy:
i completely disagree that bush served honorably. he failed to do due diligence in taking this country to war; he placed politics and partisanship ahead of the basic function of government; he tortured prisoners. clinton is a far more honorable and decent man. and that's really saying something, since clinton isn't exactly mother teresa.

RWiley said...

Geeze hermit thrush, PIV has the letter "i" missing from the word "with" at the top of this post. I guess those vandals got to him, too.

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