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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm

The Oswego Democrat is a new blog site that appears to be a take off on the very similar looking site of Jefferson Democrat.
The Oswego Democrats emerged about the same time the Danger Democrat site morphed into Jefferson Democrat and shuttered it's comment section and switched from being a site with a little edge toward the issues to that of simply spewing fluff.

As well, word from Oswego is that Darrel Aubertine is said to be organizing the Democrats in the county where he needs to run stronger in order to maintain the seat. According to one Democrat in Oswego County, Darrel is reportedly going to transfer campaign money to help at least 8 handpicked Democratic candidates in a run for the County Legislature this year.

All of this coincidental, probably not!


TourPro said...

Institutionalized blogs are so bland, and I'm sure the stats prove that.

Anonymous said...

The Oswego Dems are now on their 4th blog, they can't seem to run one with out getting right into the gutter and facing legal trouble. Word is they are being sued by a person who was called a "pig" and a "whore" on one of their sites.
The Dem chair had a site to try to defend his near bankruptcy of the APW school district he led as Board Pres, that site was shut down by google after it continued to attack a town supervisors' wife in the lowest of terms....
The problem in Oswego is without valid issues of policy difference, the party bosses resort to name calling and smear.

Anonymous said...

Darrell doesn't know where Oswego County is so how can he help anybody run for the legislature?

Was he named director of Google Earth?

Anonymous said...

I think DA passed up the directorship of google earth so he could be the director of the power authority. By the time he figured out the gov didn't offer him the job, google earth had already hired the famous salmon river fisherman who can navigate the waterways of Oswego county about as well as DA can navigate the senate.

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