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Friday, January 23, 2009

Tedisco Is In!

For Release: IMMEDIATELY, January 23, 2009
Contact: Saratoga County Clerk Kathy Marchione
            "I am proud to announce my enthusiastic endorsement of Assembly Republican Leader Jim Tedisco for the 20th Congressional District.  Jim Tedisco has consistently been the leading Republican voice in our state, working for more jobs, a stronger economy, lower taxes and a better quality of life for Saratoga County families and all New Yorkers.  He has done an excellent job leading his Assembly Republican Conference in the fight for a safer, stronger New York State. 
Courage is a rare thing in politics – time and again, Jim Tedisco has shown the courage to lead.
            As Assembly Republican Leader, Jim Tedisco stood up to a Governor who had tried to steamroll New Yorkers with higher taxes and spending.  Jim also stood by me, and my fellow County Clerks, when that same Governor considered taking action against us for refusing to support an unlawful policy. 
          Jim Tedisco has effectively led his Republican Conference in the fight for making state government more fiscally responsible, accountable to the taxpayers and offering meaningful property tax relief to overtaxed, overburdened homeowners.
Jim Tedisco has tremendous experience, an incredible work ethic and an unsurpassed ability to communicate.  Most importantly, Jim Tedisco has the personal integrity to make an excellent Congressman for our region. 
These are challenging times facing our state and nation.  Our economy is suffering and families are hurting.  We need a proven leader and a dedicated public servant like Jim Tedisco serving as our voice in the House of Representatives, fighting for our community and making a positive difference for middle class families and small businesses across the 20th Congressional District. 
I am proud to call Jim Tedisco a friend and prouder still to support him for Congress."
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Anonymous said...

Tedisco is the one to beat. Not only does he have the endorsement of the popular Saratoga County Clerk Kathy Marchione, but he also was endorsed by the state Rifle and Pistolhttp://blogs.timesunion.com/capitol/archives/10938/tedisco-bags-gun-rights-endorsement Association.

Anonymous said...

Tedisco is a loud-mouthed bully who is short on any real substance. It's hard to believe anybody would get behind this donkey so early. He is a media-chaising Schumer wannabee who failed to hold on to the crappy small minority he had in the Assembly. His clowns at RACC are ineffective, next to incompetent lost the 118th AD race twice. Leave him where he is because he can't make things much worse there than he already has.

Anonymous said...

In what? Explain that wet spot on your pants.

RWiley said...

Tedisco is another Bruno. With him it is just a matter of time.

Jefferson Leaning Left

Anonymous said...

Oh stop it, Wiley. Bruno is no more a crook than Silver. Silver's number just hasn't come up yet.

You could probably indict 75% of the office holders in NYS. And we like it that way.

That kind of criminal behaviour is what allows you to travel the world. Money, that we didn't have, flowed, and you prospered. Enjoy, and shut the hell up.

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