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Monday, January 26, 2009

Classic NIMBY

Classic case of NIMBY as Senator Caroline Ed Kennedy opposes the offshore wind farm project in his back yard in Cape Cod while the Massachusetts Governor supports the wind farm project.

The decision to move the project forward is in the hands of BO's administration. Both pols are major supporters of BO, which puts him and his energy policy in an awkward position.

Read the AP report here.


RWiley said...

A Republican owner of the Conservative Watertown Times who has a home on the St. Lawrence has also spoken in opposition to windmills in their Cape Vincent "backyard".

Would that be a classic case of NIMBY, or a classic case of CRAP (conservative republicans are partial) ?

Anonymous said...

He's not a conservative. He's more of a get along/don't ask questions kinda guy, leading a paper that does the same.

But you are right about that second thing. He is about CRAP.

Wiley hits a double. Never, ever before. That I've seen.

Anonymous said...



J.C. aka pg said...

Another Classic Case of NIMBY.....You wait, there will be more NIMBYism than you can shake a stick at. We have already seen it in our village and town concerning shared services. Unfortunately the epicenter has been at the VB

Anonymous said...

What's the VB, JC?

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