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Friday, January 16, 2009

Do You Really Think He Listens?

Te Executive Chamber
David A. Paterson | Governor

For Immediate Release: January 16, 2009
Contact: Errol Cockfield | errol.cockfield@chamber.state.ny.us | 212.681.4640 | 518.474.8418
Contact: Maggie McKeon | maggie.mckeon@chamber.state.ny.us | 518.474.8418


“For the past seven years, residents in the North Country have been both educated and entertained by Jefferson County’s weekly agricultural radio show – The Home Grown Show on AM 1240 WATN. Unfortunately for those faithful listeners, the show has ended broadcasting today following the station’s announcement of plans to change formats.

“The Home Grown Show provided a valuable service to the agricultural industry in Upstate New York by bringing the industry together on issues of interest, while educating consumers on the importance of agriculture to the New York State economy. The light-hearted humor and insightful wisdom of radio morning host Mike White and Jefferson County Agricultural Coordinator Jay Matteson is sure to be missed.

“On behalf of all residents of the North Country, I bid farewell to The Home Grown Show and offer thanks to the entire staff for years of dedication to the agricultural industry of the North Country.”


Anonymous said...


I guess we've been wrong all along about these Manhattan pols who run state government. They really do care about our Upstate farms and farmers!

Anonymous said...

Now that Jay doesn't have his radio show what will he do for his $65,000 a year???? The farmers in Jefferson County know he doesn't do anything for them how long will it take the legislators to find this out.

hermit thrush said...

wow, how bitter are you, iv?

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the bitter comment, kermit. Please explain yourself.

I like Jay. I like his show. The Imus thing is just that idiot who runs 1240 being himself, so no credibility there. But I have no problem in questioning the $65K and what we get for it.

hermit thrush said...

i was referring to iv's sarcastic title for the post.

Anonymous said...

Great post, IV. Your haters should lighten up! The blogosphere is the place to question the bizarre and questionable. Thsi qualifies under both headings.

What's all this about $65k?

Anonymous said...

That's what Mattison gets paid for saying "buy NY apples" in a folksy way.

I like Jay. I think he should get a raise, and an assistant. Maybe that new JCC VP can help him out. I'm not sure he has much to do.

Anonymous said...

$65,000 is what Jay gets a year. He does already have an assistant and the county put $135,000 each year into the program.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I did not know that.

Is that really true?

How the hell did this happen?

Well, yous wonder how we got into this NYS mess.

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