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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kinda Makes Ya Wonder

Where does upstate stand in the New Democratic State Senate Majority.

Looking at the list of committee appointments, Senator Aubertine as Agriculture chair is it, he and Northern New York have an uphill against the downstate interest.

The list and highlights are kinda telling!

Deputy Majority Leader: Jeff Klein (The Bronx)
Aging: Ruben Diaz Sr. (The Bronx)
Agriculture: Darrel Aubertine (Jefferson)
Children and Families: Velmanette Montgomery (Brooklyn)
Cities: Daniel Squadron (Brooklyn)
Civil Service: Diane Savino (Staten Island)
Codes: Eric Schneiderman (Manhattan)
Corporations and Authorities: Bill Perkins (Harlem)
Crime and Corrections: Ruth Hassell Thompson (Westchester)
Education: Suzi Oppenheimer (Westchester)
Elections: Joe Addabbo Jr. (Queens)
Energy: Kevin Parker (Brooklyn)
Environmental Conservation: Antoine Thompson (Buffalo)
Finance: Carl Kruger: vice-chair, Liz Krueger (Brooklyn, Manhattan)
Health: Tom Duane (Greenwich Village)
Higher Education: Toby Ann Stavisky (Queens)
Housing: Pedro Espada Jr. (Bronx)
Insurance: Neil Breslin (Albany)
Judiciary: John Sampson (Brooklyn)
Labor: George Onorato (Queens)
Local Governments: Andrea Stewart Cousins (Yonkers)
Mental Health: Shirley Huntley (Queens)
Tourism: Jose Serrano Jr. (The Bronx)
Transportation: Martin Malave Dilan (Brooklyn)
Veterans and Homeland Security: Eric Adams (Brooklyn)

Long Island Members
Government Operations Committee:  Craig Johnson
Ethics: Brian Foley 

Hiram Monserrate of Queens, who is facing felony assault charges for the alleged domestic abuse of his girlfriend, got a high-profile role as head of the Consumer protection Committee.

Bill Stachowski of Buffalo, among the most senior members of the Democrat caucus, was denied the chairmanship of the powerful Finance Committee.

Dave Valesky of Syracuse, did not get any committee post

(Hat tip NYDB)


John Peck said...

Why am I not surprised?

Anonymous said...

What difference would it make? If we had no representation on any commmittee, we would still line up to vote democrat. And we would justify it one way or another.

So who cares?

Anonymous said...

The last time I looked at a map, New York State look liked one completely whole state. None of that North and South, West and Central, and such bullshit. Come on iv most of the damn people who live upstate now are from downstate. So please stop this nonsense that democratic elected officials are not going to care about upstate conservatives.

RWiley said...

We made the right choice by re-electing Senator Aubertine.

Congratulations to Darrel for being selected as one of the only upstate committee chairpersons. What a great start!

Anonymous said...

"One New York?" That was Darrel and the Dems' campaign theme.

Makes you kinda shutter to realize that it's only so from a NYC point of view!

Anonymous said...

What is your point? Northern New York is not a pimple on the political ass of NYS. When people like you start to realize that, and come out of your own little fantasy world, you will understand.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what that last post means.

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