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Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Queen

The queen of conversatism takes on the liberal ladies from The View. This is about an 8 minute interview, if you like Ann Coulter you will cheer her on, if you don't you will be howling.


hermit thrush said...

what do you think of coulter, iv?

TourPro said...

That was very entertaining, but I could only handle about 3 minutes. It must be something to do with the frequency of the sounds. Makes me want to go "do projects" in the basement.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it was fair for the view ladies to start attacking Coulter before she even got on the set. They hacked on her, then brought her out. That's not standard procedure. At least I've never seen it before. I guess it's easier to get your digs in while there is no one there to defend themselves.

Anonymous said...

Watching that video clip was like stepping in a one day old pile of pig shit on a hot July 4 afternoon. Someone get me a stick to pick out my shoe before I throw up.

Sometimes I wish they would bring back tar and feathering, because that succubus is really Angra Mainyu.

RWiley said...

ann coulter, a right wing nut
writes books with a conservative cut
she is none too couth
ignores the truth
and perhaps, she’s a bit of a slut

hermit thrush said...

wow, rwiley, nice to see that those on the right aren't the only masters of demonization. there are a mind-numblingly large number of legitimate points on which to take issue with coulter -- why sink to that level?

Anonymous said...

Even Kermit couldn't ignore our Mr Wiley, who said nothing but managed to call her names and use bad, bad words.

Obviously Mr Wiley spent much time on the middle school playground.

Anonymous said...

The joke is he was probably being paid dearly for it, too.

RWiley said...

Ms. Coulter writes only books with a radical conservative view. That is fact.

The fact is that Ms. Coulter is indeed a right wing nut.

Also, by definition, many of her performances, especially on the college level have included statements that most good Christians would recognize as being far from couth.

And, even many fellow right wing nuts have, at late, questioned her facts.

The word "perhaps" is a supposition. Many here use suppositions when they describe me in their responses to my posts, i.e. " Obviously Mr Wiley spent much time on the middle school playground".
Ms. Coulter has often been describe as a "media slut" who would do anything to make money by selling books that take advantage of "the thirst for hatred of fellow Americans". Since there is a slim possibility that Ms. Coulter's purpose is to "save our country" rather than make big money any way she can, I used the word "perhaps".

Geeze, do I have to explain everything to you?

Anonymous said...

RWiley, is making money only reserved for the far leftist? Can we say lies by M Moore "ferinhite 911" or maybe Al Gore " an inconvienent truth" by the way for you global warming freeks we are in the coldest winter in 15 years and it is proven that there has been no global warming since 1998. Why can't we all get together smoke a joint and sing cum by ah.

Anonymous said...

I can never figure out the people like 3:40 PM, who say things like,
it if safer to not wear a seat belt and be thrown clear of your car in an accident, or,
always work with the electricity on, when wiring so that you don't have go back and forth to the panel box, or,
we can deep fry the turkey now, it is almost thawed, or,
the outdoor wood boiler has gone out again, hand me the gas can, or,
there's no global warming, so lets keep burning everything up cause there's no tomorrow.

Every single so called scientist who has spoken out against global warming as being caused by burning fossil fuels is receiving money in some capacity from an energy industries. Real solid documentation to this fact is all over the net.

The record cold and snow in Vegas and other areas, has been caused by a new weather event call an Omega Block with stationary highs over Russia and Canada forcing the entire Arctic air mass straight down over Alaska and the Pacific North West right on down to Mexico. The same thing would happen if you opened the freezer in your house and left it open, sure you would feel cool as the cold air escaped, but the refrigeration unit would generate more cold. Earth will lose the cold until all the ice is gone, then it is going to be only the heat --- baby. How hot do you like it in the Summer 125%F or 135%F.

When that happens it will be to late and as "W" said, when speaking of his legacy, it won't matter we will all be dead by then.

Anonymous said...

Wiley throws around childish, gutter language. Gets called on it from one of his own. Then lectures on Christian behavior.

Nice job.

RWiley said...

Anon 3:40, said:

"RWiley, is making money only reserved for the far leftist?"

My money comes from Social Security, New York State Pension and from 48 years of hard work and sensible savings. Thanks to liberals, those kinds of income were available to both the right and the left despite the right wing wacko effort to destroy pensions and encourage debt.

Got benefits? Thank the liberal !!! Unions, too !!

Anonymous said...

If you have 48 years of hard work, Wiley, why did you and yours feel the need to illegally try to bleed yet a little more from the taxpayers through the Senator's little family employment scam?

I would have thought enough would have been enough.

RWiley said...

Huh? What are you talking about Anon: 8:27: ?

I think your imagination is running overtime.

You are wound up tighter than a wing nut who just lost an election to a democrat in a republican district.

RWiley said...

I am not sure why Anon. resorts to his ignorance about global warming during a discussion about the "Queen of Hate". But he is simply wrong about the average temperature trend during our recent years.
A cold day, month or even a few years does not indicate the total trend. In fact, a danger of overall global warming is radical temperature changes
which cause severe storms and fluctuations.

Anon. probably checks Drudge every day and is snookered by Drudge's fear mongering headlines which make a cold day out to be important news that proves liberals are wrong about everything.

Anyway, I am in a part of the world where it is warm, but will enjoy my frozen home when I return.

In the meantime, Anon., get some new fuzzy and warm underwear and read this from NASA.

Earth Temperature Chart

Anonymous said...

Wiley, you're not anywhere around kids anymore are you? It's better that you're right here, with us, where you're safe. And they are safe.

Anonymous said...

How dare you suggest that someone look at scientific data!! It's just liberal hogwash. Besides, I don't understand what all those pretty colors mean.

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