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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Not Taking It Too Well

Reporters, bloggers, politicians and a whole host of people are not rolling over with joy on the Gillibrand pick for US Senate and the process. There are some even comparing the Illinois situation in a more favorable light than the New York selection process. The Governor appears to be severely damaged by this and possibly jeopardizes both seats in 2010. Below are a selection of reports that tell the story. 

The AP reports about the messy drawn out process where Governor Paterson was vacillating for weeks.

Tucker Carlson types about the Kennedy fiasco and throws Paterson under the bus later in the article. Here is the last graph.
For the sake of New York, let's hope Paterson got lucky this time and accidentally picked the right candidate in Kirsten Gillibrand. The state could use a break from the headlines. "At this point," says one prominent New York politician, "we're making Blagojevich look good."

Cap Confidential cited constituencies unhappy with the Gillibrand pick, here is one.

Lady Liz at Daily Politics uncovers a host of primary possibilities and progressives who are unhappy with the Blue Dog Dem selection.

Hot Air talks about how blue a Blue Dog Gillibrand is and that Paterson might even expect a primary from someone further left because of his choice.

Connecting the Dots is not too kind on Paterson's handling of the process.

The Reaction reports on the drama of the ridiculous insane episode that the selection process was and labels Paterson as a "weak and ineffectual figure."

Bill Hammond was not too kind to Paterson and staff about the way they handled the process and Caroline Kennedy.

The NY Times isn't exactly ecstatic over the accidental Governor's handling of the process either.

PolitickerNY.com weighs in also here

Left leaning Room Eight claims the Senate selection is a duo loser in 2010 for both Gillibrand and Paterson.

Liberal Dems "howl" according to the NY Post or how about "Blago did better" ouch!

It's a vaudeville act by The Neighborhood Retail Alliance.


Anonymous said...

Riley forced PIV to get off his butt and provide some sources. How to go, dude.

Anonymous said...

So we have a Senator who believes on enforcing immigration laws, and the illegal alien constituency in NYC is unhappy? Well that's a shame. But then again that is the point we've come to. Mr Rivera, don't worry, there is no way you will ever be defeated. You are officeholderforlife.

She is a moderate Democrat. The more I hear about her the more I like her.

RWiley said...

I did not know Tucker Carlson was around anymore and I enjoyed this part of his view:

"If this were true, it would reflect poorly on Paterson. Rather than cut Kennedy loose and let her withdraw with dignity, he strung her along, allowing her to humiliate herself in the final hours. Did Paterson really do that? Almost certainly he didn't, because—and this is the other thing we know for sure about his story—David Paterson is too erratic and disorganized to pull off a scheme so complicated."

Remember when Darrel was strung along about a job with the Power Authority? While the conservatives were busy with their ridicule, Darrel was out winning an election.

Anonymous said...

Tucker was soundly excoriated in the Comments section of his article. Most thought that the proposition of Kennedy receiving the Senate nod was absolutely ludicrous. Stated one:

"It was a ludicrous idea from the beginning. Here was a woman with virtually no history of political involvement or donations, no clear ideas about public policy, no natural constituency, a poor speaking voice and awkward personal skills, who hadn't even bothered to vote much of the time, who suddenly, for reasons she never explained, decided she should be given Hillary Clinton's Senate seat. Apart from her last name, she was the worst candidate ever."

Just how does Kennedy's ridiculous lunge for the post reflect poorly on Paterson. It's her 'supporters' that urged her to seek the post that should be vilified.

Anonymous said...

I can see where you "enjoyed" the story by Carlson, Wiley, but his version of events is nuts. Maybe that is your attraction to it.

Kennedy made a fool of herself, and needed no help from the Gov. She either couldn't speak, was unwilling to reveal her views on much of anything, and offered nothing of substance to the position. I believe we will be much better served by our new upstate lady.

You donkeys are eating each other up, blaming the Gov for a process that resulted in something you should be proud of. An upstate, moderate woman, who will bring a lot of support from the other side.
Again, I don't understand the problem. If NYC illegals and crooks don't like her, that should tell you something. If Maloney and her ilk don't like her, again, that should tell you something. And it is a good something.

Anonymous said...

Again Wiley posts nothing. Zilch. What an empty brain.

Tend to Cape Politics. Idiot.

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