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Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Mad Magazine depiction of BO's first 100 minutes. 


Anonymous said...

What, me worry?

hermit thrush said...

thanks to our friends in the previous administration for leaving us with such a mess!

Anonymous said...

Right kermit. All over the world, there are no problems at all. It's only right here in the USA is the economy hurtin', are people unemployed, and terrorism a threat.

Try a little honesty. Or continue on with your usual.

hermit thrush said...

i take the point. the problems we face are by no means all of the bush administration's making.

can you now try a little honesty yourself and admit that, nevertheless, many of them are?

Anonymous said...

He continues on as usual.
No surprise there.


hermit thrush said...

yeah, i know you're not so good with that honesty thing, and you even like to throw in a little hypocrisy to boot. nice job!

Anonymous said...

Oh, C'mon, my dear frog. I'd expect better than a repeat of the last post. I mentioned three things, the economy, unemployment, and terrorism, that aren't problems specific to the US.

You responded with childish bs about "other" stuff.

You wanna list 'em, and we can argue it out. Or do you want to play middle school? Your frog family must be proud.

hermit thrush said...

oy, another hypocritical screed from the king of middle school bs. i've already granted that the problems you cited are by no means all of bush's making. will you answer my question now? can you admit even a single major problem the bush administration has left us with?

Anonymous said...

I specifically named three problems that were not GW's making. I just asked YOU to name one that you believed was, and we would take it from there. As expected you went into a childish rant and avoided the question.

You gotta learn to think. Or, continue to hang around the people you live with. In that case, don't change a thing.

hermit thrush said...

nope, sorry, wrong! i immediately conceded that the three points you raised were not of bush's making, and then, knowing that you're a similarly magnanimous sort, i asked you to admit that some of our problems are of his administrations making. and you've been working pretty hard ever since to avoid the question.

the ball's still in your court.

p.s. please keep up with the insults and character attacks. it makes you look great!

Anonymous said...

No work necessary. I'm willing to wait for your answer until hell freezes over. As you did when you called GW a war criminal, you run your mouth, then hide.

As far as looking good, I've been doing that for a long time. Nice of you to notice. I'm starting to realize why no one gets excited about the prospect of kissing a Frog.

That last insult/joke is intended for the reading pleasure of both you and OswegoDem. I don't want him/her to feel left out.

Anonymous said...

hermit you are arguing with piv, himself he is nuts

hermit thrush said...

anon 9:19,
of course there's no way to know for sure, but i really don't think our dear anonymous friend is iv. the writing styles don't seem the same to me. (though who knows? maybe i'm wrong and iv has adopted an especially convincing alter ego.) but more seriously, i don't think iv is this self-destructive. i'm not a fan of sweeping character judgments, but i think it's time to call a spade a spade: this guy (and i think enough evidence has accumulated that it's a guy) is a deluded crackpot.

he, like everyone reading this thread, knows perfectly well that i immediately conceded his initial point, and then turned around with a question of my own for him. and his response has been one desperate attempt after another to deflect attention from that. so of course he says he's willing to wait till hell freezes over. in conversations with me, at least, he's had any number of opportunities to criticize bush or his own right-wing dogma, but never once that i remember has he actually brought himself to do it. he'll wait forever, rather than admit any kind of fault.

he, like everyone else who's followed our war criminal threads (which is probably hardly anyone at all!), knows perfectly well that he refuses to answer questions to account for himself and has just gone running from the topic twice now. i mean, for all his apparent passion on the matter, he can't even say what he thinks "war criminal" is supposed to mean!

so why should anyone bother with a deluded crackpot like this? i'm not at all sure it's a good idea. but i think it might be a kind of win-win. dear anonymous obviously thrives on the attention. elsewhere tonight he wrote to oswegodem,

But I do know I must be gettin to ya because you like to respond to me a lot. That makes me feel all warm inside. Not a Chris Matthews warm but a little heated nonetheless.

those might be the most honest words he's written on this blog! and i don't see any great harm in humoring an old fool like this. and for us, we get to show our fellow readers what the republican/conservative "base" looks like. with every new comment, our anonymous friend keeps looking better and better -- just ask him! in my opinion, conservative dogmatists have caused our country a lot of damage in recent years. i think it's good to shine a little light on them.

Anonymous said...

New Rules

Anonymous said...

Frog, you sure do spend a lot of time entertaining the crackpot. It seems he has you by your flippers.

Most all of your posts are directly in response to what he has to say. Even OswegoDem is now doing the same.

Get control of yourself. Be brave, answer his question. What do you think are the big mistakes of george bush, and him alone.

hermit thrush said...

i'd be happy to answer your question, but you have to answer mine first, because i asked first. fair is fair.

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