"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Leadership Battle

There is another group of Democrats in control and another leadership battle. Does the self proclaimed party of the people have the any ability to manage their majorities or are they a consistent circular firing squad from local to national levels.

Look north for the next brewing battle of Democratic Party dysfunction.

St. Lawrence County Legislature has a 10-5 Democrat to Republican majority, yet they are split into factions of 5-5-5.

Here are the factions
Democrat Group #1
Sam Burns, Fred Morrill, Sallie Brothers, Greg Paquin and Dan Girard

Democrat Group #2
Patrick Turbett, Tedra Cobb, Laura Perry, Peter FitzRandolph and Charles House

Tom Nichols, Dave Forsythe, Alex McKinnon, Donald Peck and Tom Grow

The two factions of Democrats could either hand over the leadership to a moderate Republican such as McKinnon, who is level headed, served well as Chairman in the past and has the ability to work to keep both sides working together or the Republicans when joined with one of the Democrat's factions will be able to play a larger role in the direction of the county issues.

The Republicans did not create the divide and conquer strategy that currently exists in St. Lawrence County; the Democrats have done it to themselves. But, if the Republicans play the hand that is dealt to them wisely then they can position themselves for a brighter future. 


Dan Francis said...

"Circular firing squad" indeed: Ready, Fire, Aim.

The U.S. Senate is just as bad: The DEMS want to block Blogo's DEM pick (Mr. Burris) while the GOP wants to block an almost elected DEM (Franken)... how do they do this - worse: why do we allow it?

Ho hum...

Anonymous said...

Had Fitz, Cobb & Turbetto not persisted with their backroom manuvering the chairmanship would be in Morrill's hands after tonight. At a minimum, he has shown the ability to create some consensus.

Turbetto's piece in the WDT was beautiful. It proves, once and for all, that he is clueless, incompetent, or both.

Regardless of the results, Cobb will find a way to keep her face in the news.

Anonymous said...

Your second poster seems to have a problem with smart people like Peter, Tedra, and Pat. Also, no doubt, with any others who disagree with backroom deals (Morrill, Burns, Brothers are practioners of this art). Who was it who has made the "deals" behind closed doors? NOT Pat etal, but the "old-time" politicos who like to keep things to (and for) themselves.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you must be right.

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