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Thomas Jefferson

Friday, January 16, 2009

Another Look At The Balance of Power In NY

Put your mouse over the graphic to get a better view of our new Senate majority
New York Senate is controlled by NY City Democrats


RWiley said...

The good news is that we elected Darrel.
Otherwise the North would be blank.

Anonymous said...

Wow this guy Wiley is good! That's like the USAirways pilot telling passengers, "Enjoy your free Circle Line tour!"

Anonymous said...

Riley displays stupidity again, because if Darrel was not there there would be no democratic majority.

Look at the earlier graphic piv posted on the GOP balance of power, it shows how evenly distributed chairmanships were.

NNY Bluedog said...

We have three senate districts that make up our representation in Northern New York, the 45th, 47th and 48th.

The 45th stretches along our eastern border with Vermont, starting from just north of Albany through to the Candadian border. Elizabeth Little is the representative. She comes from Queensbury in the southern end of her district.

The 47th runs from Oneida through to the Canadian border in the eastern half of St. Lawrence County. Joseph Griffo represent this area. He lives in the southern part of his district in Rome.

The 48th at the western portion of Northern New York, including Oswego, Jefferson and St. Lawrence Counties. It is represented by Darrel Aubertine of Cape Vincent, a St. Lawrence River community.

He is the only true resident of Northern New York in the Senate. The others may have districts that extend to the border, but their interests lie closer to their own, more populated home communities.

So you can thank the Democratic Party for their strong work in securing that the new majority contains the only true Northern New Yorker in the Senate.

Anonymous said...

Bluedog...it is to bad that Darrell is a downstate wanta be. Just watch how he votes.

Anonymous said...

Darrel will vote the way his NYC masters tell him to. Woof.

John Quincy said...

Nice analysis Blue Dog. but I don't want to thank a state level Democrat for anything other than more new creative taxes, ridiculous environmental regulations, and the absolute disregard for New York State residents outside of the NYC metropolitan area. The Dems have earned their five minutes if fame. I just hope that when the next election cycle rolls around the people of NNY will realize how we were duped into supporting a NYC puppet and not "one of us."

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