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Thomas Jefferson

Monday, January 5, 2009

Unions Take Up GOP Cause

Welcome and Happy New Legislative Year to you all.

New York State is within 48 hours of determining just how dysfunctional our government will be this year or if they can pull up their boots and get the important work done.

The first order of business in the New York State Senate will be to settle the leadership battle that has been brewing since the election when the Democrats took numerical control of the Senate.

Democrat Malcolm Smith has made and broke deals, deployed special interest groups and even engaged the Governor to broker a deal, until the Governor wisely backed away from the food fight, all of this in Smith's quest to become the Majority leader.

The Republican's have been largely just observers on this subject while the Democrat debacle played out. But the Republican's are in the ring for the last rounds of this fight and more importantly, the Republican aligned unions.

(Disclaimer this is not anti-union, union serve a purpose for their members) 

Enter SEIU 1199 and AFL-CIO as mediators for the Republican cause.

The unions have no business getting in this scrimmage! The Republicans should ask them to stay out of it and say thank you, but no thanks. This is a Senate issue, not a special interest issue, which requires a quid pro quo for putting them in charge. But the Republican's can't help themselves and perhaps this is why they find themselves in the mess to begin with and on the short end of a 32-30 legislator head count.

Until the Republican's learn they are their to serve their constituents through some of their basic principles like; smaller government, lower taxes and less regulation and not bend over for the special interest then they may continue to witness their own decrease in head count. They need to learn what separates them from the Democrats and the answer right now is not much, they are simply an echo in a canyon!

This is why Albany is labeled dysfunctional.


hermit thrush said...

cheers to you iv -- you actually managed to criticize some republicans!

Dan Francis said...

"An echo in the canyon..." yes, but it's the same canyon we keep sending most of them back to cycle after cycle.

That canyon is wider and deeper than merely one man/one vote rule, too.

Anonymous said...

And you actually managed to read it, my friend.

Anonymous said...

It's about time that the Repbulicans realize that there blind devotion to the unions is the reasons why they are losing members. Why should I support a party that only supports the unions and their money?

Just my dime

Anonymous said...

Blind devotion on the part of republicans? I'm a union member. PEF. State employees. We're firmly democratic. Years and years.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:57 -
Big surprise there. Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

yeah, I was just confused by 8:18.
Wasn't sure what planet he was on.

hermit thrush said...

to my anonymous friend --
that's a good line -- have to give you props for that. but i have to say, i can only read what's there!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder, kerm. We all seem to be able to read into things, and take away whatever we want. I view PIV to be balanced, because they allow both sides of issues to be expressed. You and I both are here. Enjoyin' each others company.

hermit thrush said...

did you find dd balanced as well?

Anonymous said...

The readers were, even if tes wasn't. And even ted selected topics that, had he wanted to keep everything tightly controlled, he would have avoided. Yup, teds' a hack, but he was'nt afraid to mix it up with the opposition, which is the only conclusion I can draw about Hennneeecrappola. Ted is a different animal, JoAnne Wilder is a different animal. Hennnei boy is a spineless wonder. The new american politician.

hermit thrush said...

i don't think that's an unreasonable answer (well, ok: i still don't think one should necessarily conclude that the jc dems are "afraid", but we've been over that ad nauseum by now). my only point would be to say that iv him/herself is at least as big a hack as tf -- and of a more pernicious sort, since iv has had a much harder time being forthcoming about that. this blog as a whole is less unbalanced, thanks to the commenters. but i don't see how you could argue that iv's posts display anything but a clear pattern of partisanship.

Anonymous said...


But Hermie, it's just a little blog in upstate NY. Give us conservatives something of our own to hug and squeeze.

You have so many other "objects" for your affection. Can't we have anything we can call our very own?

hermit thrush said...

but i thought you hated partisanship!

Anonymous said...

If I concede that we have PIV, will you concede that you have CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, PBS, AP, schools, most all newspapers, most all unions, Hollywood, and the bird watcher's union?

You own 99% of media and you gripe about partisanship?

Still no cardinals. I'm feeding sunflower seeds, mixed seeds, suet, niger, and some peanut mix from Blue Seal. Still no cardinals.

hermit thrush said...

i'll grant you the unions and hollywood, and sure, why not the bird watchers too. i never watch pbs, but maybe you have something there too. but that's it. (that's not to say i'm not open to being convinced, but that's my take on things right now.)

i think that there's very little of the mainstream media (whatever that's supposed to mean) that's owned (whatever that's supposed to mean) by the left or liberals or democrats or whatever-you-will. and as has happened to us before, we can talk about this now if you like, but since the original post has moved off the front page, i again propose that we put that off.

and i think you've been griping about partisanship (especially in the abstract) a lot more than i have!

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