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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh The Democrats Turn To Use Kids

If memory serves me correctly the Democrats were howling at the use of kids in a political commerical during a recent campaign.

What say you now?


RWiley said...

You are confused again PIV. This is not a political commercial but a production of Momlogic, a Daily online magazine offering news, advice and entertainment for women with children. It is a statement expressing the magazine's farewell to George Bush. You have a right to object and be insulted, but don't feed the ignorance of your readers by objecting for the wrong reasons.

Geeze what would you do without my little snippets.

RWiley said...

Now PIV, here is an example of a real political commercial that uses kid:

Swift Kids for Truth

hermit thrush said...

you're right to call out the dems, iv. they shouldn't have complained back in the fall. it's also worth pointing out the ad you've posted now isn't an official one in any way.

Anonymous said...

kermit is right, it isn't an official work in any way. It's kind of a weak little deal done by an individual fool. Much like RW's posts.

This time he came up with yet another idea after only 15 minutes of thought. The man/boy is a wonder.

RWiley said...

"kermit is right, it isn't an official work in any way. "

Thanks for admitting that it was not a real commercial, PIV.

Jefferson Leaning Left

Anonymous said...

PIV didn't say it, I did.

I also said you were an idiot.
Many times over.

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