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Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Paterson Is In La-La Land!

Does anyone really think Governor David Paterson could make these remarks with a straight face or without his fingers crossed behind his back?

This is response to Golisano leaving for the sunshine state and lower taxes.

Governor Davide Paterson-
"Well, I'm sorry Mr. Golisano feels that he hs to change his residence at this time. I understand that people moving out of the state is one of the reasons that we don't want to raise personal income taxes as we did."

"(I) was able to cut the period to three years, so I'm hoping when it sunsets in three years that Mr. Golisano will come back. But just also to remind everyone, we did have to cut $21 billion over the last three or four months, and we upset a number of other people who probably can't afford to leave the state right now."

He is dreaming if he thinks this tax will sunset!


Anonymous said...

If he said it will sunset in three years, than that's good enough for me. That's one thing about the Democrats, they don't lie.

There are a few exceptions, but we should move beyond that for the purpose of this discussion.

Anonymous said...

The only reason that he thinks that it will sunset is because he is BLIND! Blind to the uncontrolled spending of the dems and repubs that we are stupid enough to re-elect every two years. People, PLEASE elect someone else - I don't care what party anyone is better than the jerks in office now.

hermit thrush said...

i wouldn't be surprised if paterson has actually convinced himself that the sunset really will happen in three years. but you're right, iv, there's about zero chance of it.

Anonymous said...

Why are you even concerned, Kerm? According to you, people aren't even leaving the state. According to you, this isn't an issue. Heck, next thing you might tell us is the state didn't even raise taxes in the first place.

I don't understand the concern.

But you are correct, donkeys rule. Here in the Empire State.

Anonymous said...

Ya like golisano will come back to NY. Why? by then better than half the state will be state owned. It will be cheaper to pack and move than to pay your taxes.

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