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Thomas Jefferson

Friday, August 22, 2008

Message To Senator Aubertine

You keep preaching about partisan politics getting in the way of your actions while some contend it is your inaction that has resulted in the home rule debacle.
  • You speak after session is over, instead of applying pressure leading into or during the session. 
  • You issue "prepared statements" instead of holding a press conference and dealing with the issue directly.
  • You seldom if ever speak on the Senate floor on behalf of the 48th district issues.
  • You claim partisan politics is to blame, yet, you sat in the Assembly majority for 5 years and did NOTHING to promote equal treatment for constituents of majority or minority members. 
So here is the deal to get this issue off your back;
  1. You have a press conference and discuss the issue of home rule legislation yourself, not Drew or anyone else, yourself!
  2. You produce the memos you have written to move this legislation forward.

Deal or No Deal?


Anonymous said...

Good advice. I hope Darrel is listening.

And ... am I losing my mind? Or did the Times run the same story today about the same bills that they've written about at least twice before?

Anonymous said...

Can you get back to ISSUES ? ? ?

This sling, counter-sling, is getting tedious at best.

Drop the he-said, I said, you said, BS, and focus on REAL ISSUES, not this mickey mouse schoolyard candy-ass crap.

You will reap whatever you sow . . .

Political IV said...

As soon as Darrel quits the "I'm being mistreated" routine. This is the centerpiece of his campaign and it has NO basis, which will continue to be proven by his lack of response.

Anonymous said...

Your just pissed because Darrel has become the poster-child for the reform movement, and your boy Renzi's polls probably show it as a top issue. Renzi is so scripted, so handled, so packaged, it is laughable.

Anonymous said...

This is the issue. It doesn't matter what your view is unless you can deliver.

We have some important issues that the State will be dealing with (gay marriage, tax relief, etc) but lets face it most of the issues are funding for this Town's sewer line, that not for profit program, we need a voice who can deliver!!!

Anonymous said...

Your just pissed because Darrel has become the poster-child for the reform movement

Darrel is a poster child, and It isn't for the reform movement.

its for the whiners of america

Anonymous said...

Darrel as poster child for reform?

That's right, he sponsored the anti-nepotism law in the Assembly -- but then hired his sister.

He's abstaining from votes on wind to avoid conflicts of interest -- then votes on that legislation while negotiating to put $100k worth of turbines on his property.

He lies about a NYPA job offer, and imaginery memos for bills he doesn't even bother to push through the Senate.

He announces phony deals to keep access to health care, but forgets to contact officials at the hospital, then falls silent when the "deal" falls through.

Darrel doesn't deliver, breaks the law, and can't tell the turth. But reform? Oh yeah, Albany needs more reformers like do-nothing Darrel.

Oh, and I don't work for Jim Wright, either, but I did vote for him.

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