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Friday, August 22, 2008

Renzi Mailer in SD 48

A new mailer is out in SD 48, and it features a nice family shot of David, Jessica, the children and family dog. Special mention is given to Jessica's blog.

Jessica is an asset to Dave in the campaign for the 48th Senate District, she is intelligent and articulate and able to campaign and represent Dave well in one part of the district while he is campaigning in another part of the district. They have emphasized family values and are demonstrating it while she participates in the campaign.


Dan Francis said...

Highlighting a candidate's wife and family and "family" values usually, but not always, underscores the weakness of the candidate on issues (IMHO) ...

1. Are we voting for Mr. or Mrs. Renzi?

2. "Family values." Whose family: Renzi's, yours, mine, whose? Whose family and what values?

We see a heluva lot of "nice folks in office with nice family photos with cute kids and loyal dogs" but lousy policy makers and "secret" lives.

As they say, "If you want a friend in government, get a dog."

Look, Dave Renzi is okay - but we're supposed to be measuring him, not his family or his dog.

Let's talk issues.

Political IV said...


Half of the page is devoted to issues.

Anonymous said...

It is not a bad thing, showing us what he and his family are about. I'm not offended by being introduced to a man's wife and children. This parisan sniping gets old, but it never seems to end. I thought we wanted something different. Dan, didn't we want something different?

Anonymous said...

I happen to know Dave Renzi personally and have for quite a few years. He's a good man and I believe he has good values as well, I have only met his wife and children once and briefly at his office in Watertown, so I can't speak of them, but knowing Dave I'm sure she is as nice as he is. As for Dave, he's never done wrong by me even when he was Public Defender for the county, I dealt with him on a daily basis and he was always considerate and a general all around good person. I have dealt with other lawyers, who were the "I'm a lawyer and holier than though type", but Dave is not like that and I have never seen him even act like that when dealing with anyone. As for me, he's got my vote and I hope he wins. I feel he has good values and I think that's exactly what we need.

Anonymous said...

If this is how the campaign will play out, I think it's great!

Dave Renzi wants to talk about jobs, taxes and energy.

Darrel Aubertine wants to talk about partisan politics and highlight the fact that he can't get things done.

Two nice guys. Two "of us." One can get results and one can't.

Anonymous said...

It is always easy to say you will get results when you have never been in ofice.

Dan Francis said...

Hey, guys, I'm not attacking Dave Renzi, in fact I've said before I like him ... my post was intended to set the scene to discuss issues, but with substance - the real issues and not the old "stuff:

1. cut taxes (they never get cut, do they?); 2. create jobs (we lose more than gain and the only jobs created are more in Albany than here); 3. education (keep it local and well-funded: it is); 4. healthcare (up here it's a cottage industry - why? our pop is older than anywhere else in NYS and we stil have a shortage of MD's and RN's); 5. Fort Drum (nervous wrecks about keeping it here before: I said in 1995 "use the airfield as the trump card; I was laughed at" it worked didn't it - Drum continues to expand).

Issues are what should matter, but issues with substance not the same old, same campaign sound bytes - - some family stuff from time-to-time ... but not overkill.

I'm following this race closely - a lot is at stake (again)!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
It is always easy to say you will get results when you have never been in ofice.

August 22, 2008 3:55 PM

Yes, but it's also easy to see who CAN'T get results when they have a dismal record for which they will have to answer to the voters.

Anonymous said...

I wish to remain Anonymous, however, I personally observed Dave Renzi's work ethics while he worked in both the District Attorney's Office and the Public Defender's Office and I believe he has absolutely no work ethic at all. He was known for being absent from the Public Defender's Office for considerable periods of time while he coached football and planned his campaign for Assembly. He relies on the rest of his staff to do his work, rarely appearing in Court. This is most likely the case currently as he focusses on his campaign, ignoring his clients or leaving the responsibilities to others. How can we be assured he won't do the same thing in Albany? Seems like he does what he pleases with little thought for who and where his real real real responsibilities lie with.

Anonymous said...

I personally observed Dave Renzi's work ethics while he worked in both the District Attorney's Office and the Public Defender's Office. While he was Public Defender, he was often absent from the office, coaching football, working on his campaign for Assembly or tending to his personal affairs. He rarely, if ever, made a Court appearance or did any work associated with the office, leaving that to the rest of the staff. This is most likely the case with his current cases as he focusses on his campaign rather than on his clients, while still collecting a paycheck. Makes you wonder who will be his focus and responsibility if he were to get to Albany.

Anonymous said...

It is nice to see Mr. Rennzi's family in the ads, they all try to portray the "nice family man"...but reading Jessicas blog leaves me to wonder if they are truly up for what ahead for them..being honest is good, but to hear her "Daves not home", "the children are screaming and throwing fits again" would make one wonder who is control at home..I have three children of my own two close together and I can honestly count on my hands how many fits they threw, especially in public..children arenever to young to learn that or they don't go, leave them home until their old enough to understand..I don't want to come across asd being mean but the children do not understand any of this you could put a t-shirt with anything on it and parade them around they wouldn't know the difference...keep their lives normal, keep their bed times normal, that should be mom's first job, helping her husband out should be her second, the children will appreciate being to bed on time verses being driven all over the North County overtired and out of routine..Jessicas blog speaks of all of this but I feel she is trying to hard to be involved, when/if Dave is elected he will be gone more than at home so why not try to get the boys use to that now..It may sound cold but I believe that is the reality of it no more Friday pizza parties no more daddy tucking the boys in everynight, is Dave really ready to give up his family for this term and is Jessica ready to let go for this term...reading her blog it don't sound like she is ready...his job will have to come first and that is a lot for anyone to swallow...Good luck to them both but I feel the boys are too young and deserve to remain young and care free not having to be paraded around all the time they are just children...

Anonymous said...

I have worked with David Renzi and I am not sure what office you worked in but that is not true.

Anon 9:04
You are not supporting Addie Jenne Russell correct? You should out right reject her candidacy, she claims she wants to take her new born to Albany.

Anonymous said...

I have had personal experience with Mr. Renzi. It was in court after my daughter was sexually abused. He defended the molester. He was given youthful offender status and we were given a protection order. He violated the order and once again Renzi came to his side. I could not believe what he told the judge next. He said his client only gave my daughter alcohol. Of course with YO status, nobody bothered to look it up. Needless to say, he got away with it again because of Renzi's lie. Seems like he defends quite a few sex offenders in the paper.
I can see why he looks so tired on tv. Must be hard kissing your child goodnight after defending sex offenders all day.
Do we really need another lawyer in Albany?

Anonymous said...

I can also comment on Dave Renzi's work ethic, as I was a client during a difficult time in my life. Dave was always available, never missed an appointment, was accessible to me and very responsive. His calm, professional demeanor was reassuring, and I felt like he always dedicated his entire atention to my case. I recommended him to family members and friends.

This is exactly the kind of smart, caring an dedicated person I would want to represent me in court and in Albany.

Go Dave. You've already got my vote (and I voted for Darrel for Assembly and Senate, too!).

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry this is ridiculous. pretending that renzi's family has more values than auvertine's is REALLY offensive.

Anonymous said...

If Dave has so many family values why does he defend child molestors in court. I guess what Dave and his wife are trying to tell the public is that they have the values and the Aubertines don't. I guess when I make my selection its not going to be based on family values but what can be done in Albany. Again family values does not equal defending pedophiles and drug dealers.

Anonymous said...

Is this how the Democrats are going to trash Dave Renzi? Because of who he defend. I am one of the person that he defend and I feel I got a second chance in life and I have taken advantage of it.I have a good family I work hard to make ends meet and I have stayed clean. Isn't it about rehabing people to lead productive lives?

I owe Mr Renzi a big thanks.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how "family values" was never an issue when the previous Senator was bed hopping in Albany, and northern NY. Three wives and countless GF later, most of them placed on the public payroll, suddenly we need a "family man".

If moral turpitude was not a prerequisite for the job for 16 years, why suddenly the need now?

Do Dave's handlers REALLY think that an attractive wife and cute kids are just what north country voters need for motivation?

Pretty shallow, in my book.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:46

First, you are embellishing the former Senator's situation quite a bit.

Now genius, we will get off family values if you would like.

How about we discuss the educational qualifications of the two candidates? Along with that just plain common sense of each candidate as well. I will venture a guess Renzi is more qualified in both categories.

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