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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

On Your Dime Folks!

If it looks like a campaign mailer, and reads like a campaign mailer, then it is a campaign mailer! Unless you are short on cash like the Senate Democratic committee and then they call it a newsletter and mail it out with your tax money.

Nothing Like reform! He is not complaining about partisan politics when they are giving him money for a mailer!


Anonymous said...

How much of my tax money was used to send this useless tripe?

Shouldn't Darrel have to declare this as a campaign expense? It's just pictures of him and blather.

Dan Francis said...

Hold it! Stop the presses! Stop the world, indeed - a DEM has used taxpayers' money for a "mailing" in an election cycle...

Take the SOB out and horsewhip him ... LOL...

A first, I guess? Well, I have several words for you: "John McHugh, Jim Wright, Bob Nortz, Dede Scozzafava, and just about any other INCUMBENT in office."

BTW: who has represented us in this region for decades or longer?

HINT: their initials are GOP!!!

Puleezeee ... show some dignity IV, a tad bit? I know you can do it - I can.


Anonymous said...

I see a news article outlining the positives for central and northern new york in the state budget.

I found it informative. I think it's great you put it on your website. Look how much Senator Aubertine's work won for us in the state budget.

Anonymous said...

what no pictures of him putting hay in with 2 ft of snow on the bales ?oh come on no pics of the guy with the cool mustache either .oh im sorry he is too busy struggeling with his high property taxes

Anonymous said...

I seem to get the same mailings from Sen. Wright when he was an incumbant.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the same mass mailings that filled our mailboxes from Jim Wright for about 16 years. Where was your indignation then???

You used to be swooning all over Jim all those years for the same damn thing.


Anonymous said...

Ha, you continue to amaze me IV. What is your address i want to mail you all of my old Bob Nortz, Jim Wright, and John Mchugh newsletters? Of course I am sure they paid their own postage. You are such a moron, trust me any person with half a brain finds everything u post absoulutely laughable.

Anonymous said...

Darrel also has a voter registration form,that can be found online. It also looks like a campaign mailer. Complete with Darrel's picture,free postage and the phrase, Be a Decision- Maker in Your Community.

Anonymous said...

Fliers are in every senator's office and when they are, they have the Senator's picture on them. Look at that Voter Reg form, all it says is that voting is important and then gives you the tool to register.

Oh, wait that is a campaign tool to republicans because they win by suppressing the vote

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