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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Y Continued (UPDATED)

There is a formal process for requesting legislation out of committee. In the Assembly, the form used to request bills to move is called a "99," or referred to by a member as "99 a bill." In the Senate, it's Form 63. P IV obtained information from the Senate Chamber Procedure Manual

To request a bill out of Committee, the Member must complete and sign Form No. 63, which may be obtained from Senate Desk Operations (Rm. 323 Mezz., Cap.). Attached to the form should be a copy of the bill and a copy of the sponsor's memo. Since many of the Standing Committees require two sets of this package, it is suggested that three copies of Form No. 63 be obtained for each bill, with one copy being retained on file in the Member's office.
It seems Senator Aubertine should be able to clear up this controversy pretty easily by either he or Drew producing a copy of the form 63 that is supposed to be retained by his office.

The controversy over the YMCA legislation, much like other issues before, such as the JCC Capital plan, the NYPA job offer, and several others, continue in a back and forth pattern that seems to swirl around Senator Aubertine.

Today in the Watertown Daily Times and the other day on NPR different versions of the story of the YMCA legislation are being brought forward. The current version is that Senator Aubertine did not put in a standard request to put out the bill in a committee overseen by Senator Betty Little.

Interestingly enough in today's paper Aubertine spokesman Drew Mangione appears to be contradicting his own statements. At one point in the article he claims that Senator Little's version is incorrect.
"To claim that they did not know, or that if Senator Little had known, things would be different, is disingenuous," Mr. Mangione said.
To which Senator Little response is
"He never filled out the request to have the bill put out," Mrs. Little said again. "Other senators do it. We do it. People talk to you all the time about bills they want to get through."
BUT then Mr Mangione brings in an entirely different reasoning.
Mr. Mangione said because the Assembly passed a companion YMCA bill, the Senate version was automatically forwarded to the Senate Rules Committee.
Since the Rules Committee trumps the Local Government Committee, Mr. Mangione said, Mr. Aubertine bypassed the "request out" form to focus his efforts on the more important committee. At the time, Sen. Joseph L. Bruno, R-Brunswick, was the Rules Committee chairman; Sen. Malcolm A. Smith, D-Queens, was its ranking minority member.
The question is, why did Mangione even respond to the Senator Little part if it does not even concern Senator Little's committee? And the Senate Minority Leader Malcolm Smith is the ranking minority member on the committee where the alleged hold up is occurring, why is the issue not being taken up with Senator Smith, instead of Senator Little?

Senator Aubertine and his staff appear to have a lot of inconsistencies in their issues time and time again. So among just a simple desire for the legislation to be passed for the good of the community, people have to wonder and ask, what is the real reason it did not get through; was because the bill is in Senator Little's committee and Aubertine did not fill out the proper request OR it is in the rules committee and Aubertine did not follow up with his own Senate Minority Leader Malcolm Smith?


Anonymous said...

"Disingenuous Drew's" math doesn't quite work:

He says Darrel didn't ask Betty Little to move the "Y" bill because the measure had been redirected to Rules, which "trumps" Little's Local Government panel.

The bill didn't pass the Assembly until June 17; from there it was sent to Rules.

Drew says Darrel sent his memo (To whom? We don't know.) on June 4.

So what effort exactly did Darrel make to get the bill moved out of Rules, since he obviolusly did nothing to get it out of the Betty Little's committee?

Anonymous said...

its interesting you choose to push betty littles opinion, without acknowledging that she has given thousands of dollars to renzi and may not be the unbiased source you try to imply, scott.

Anonymous said...

"Dopey Darrel" does it again!

This guy just can't get out of his own way and it's hurting the people of this district.

In addition to all his failures that were mentioned in your post, you forgot his claim that he had brokered a deal to keep A. Lee Memorial open. Then it turns out that the hospital's CEO says he had nothing to do with it and, in fact, the deal never happened.

Another "misunderstanding" or another one of Darrel's whoppers?

Seems like with all these cases of "he said, she said," people have to start realizing that their is only one common thread here .... Darrel.

He should just come right out and admit he's a dolt. At least that's a story no one can deny.

Anonymous said...

Your posts have been proven time and again to be unsubstantiated blather aimed more at propping-up you political party than getting at the facts - you have refused to acknowledge or correct the falsehoods and political BS you try to spread even when called out directly - now you have the cajones to attack someone else for a "back and forth pattern" - what a joke you are.

You're political slime.

People have to wonder - what is the real reason you make these posts - is it just to destroy your own community through innuendo and lies?

Anonymous said...

Aubertine has been nothing but a disappointment who seems to have no clue how the legislature works, since his election to the Senate.

He puts his own sister on the payroll, claiming he didn't realize she was hired; then he mistakenly tells everyone he has declined a position he was "offered" by Paterson to Chair NYPA, making himself out to be a servant of the people; now he can't even track or properly request-out his own bills. Very effective. What can we look forward to next?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:17 -- Wow! That really helps get to the bottom of the issue. Very insightful. Now come down from that tower and back in your padded room.

Anonymous said...

A few months ago, Political IV broke the news that Jim Wright was running again for his seat.


Just this last week, Political IV praised McCain's fundraising, and said Obama's had slowed down....until today's report showing Obama raised a record $52 million in June...twice what McCain raised and from millions more individuals...


Go back and look at older posts, and see just how many are factually wrong or have been disproven because Scott Gray is quick to pull the trigger on "breaking news" that is not based in reality.

It is too bad. This site could servce as a great place for discussion, but it has spiraled into the rants of a failed RINO.

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