"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Friday, July 25, 2008

New Ads Unveiled

NYSUT, New York State United Teachers unveiled their new ad taking a shot at the property tax cap proposed by Democratic Governor David Paterson and supported by the Republican Senate Majority conference.

But alas, they are proposing the "circuit breaker" and embedding fear into people about the property tax cap, ahhh the power of union fear mongering persuasion. It clamped onto Darrel Aubertine, the same day the ad appears, Aubertine co-sponsored a bill (that will go no where because support for it is not there) calling for a circuit breaker.

Sandy Treadwell, candidate for Congress in the 20th district has a new ad. I think he has watched the T Boone Picken's plan.


Anonymous said...

You really need to start reading better. Aubertine's press release (right on newzjunky in case you didn't know) calls for a tax cap and circuit breaker. READ, MAN!

Anonymous said...

Has Bobby Cantwell figured out yet which side he is on

Anonymous said...

So Sandy Treadwell thinks off off shore drilling for more domestic product will work now? Even John McCain has acknowledged the experts who say it'll be 10 years.

Oh, and tax cap without a circuit breaker won't work, neither will vice versa. Without a circuit breaker it's just limited tax increases. You'd think the Republicans would understand that. If you just do a circuit breaker, businesses will still see increased taxes. They have to go hand in hand.

Suozzi recommended both, remember?

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