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Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

North Country Public Radio Has A Different Version of The YMCA Story


Anonymous said...

What a surprise! Darrel's tale doesn't stand up to scrutiny! Perhaps he'll say that Public Radio is part of the vast GOP conspiracy too.

Anonymous said...

Come on Darryl. Let's answer NCPR. Did you screw up, misunderstand or what. It is getting common place Mr. Aubertine.

If it is not politics as usual why don't you explain yourself - you are for open government aren't you.


Anonymous said...

Little and this blog are full of it. A "request out" form? The Bill was killed by Joe Bruno himself on the rules committee, Sen. Little had no power to do anything.

Anonymous said...

The Joe Bruno-Public Radio secret conservative axis strikes again!

Anonymous said...

A "request out"....that is an official title of a Senate action?

Little's office is clearly lying. I suspect you know that, Scott. When a bill is introduced, it automatically goes to its appropriate committee. If it is already IN committee, why then would even more papers need to be submitted to notify the committee that IT IS IN COMMITTEE.


Anonymous said...

A "request out" is an official Senate form, with one ofthree copies retained by the requesting Senator. Can Darrel produce it, so we can see who's telling the truth?

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