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Thomas Jefferson

Friday, July 25, 2008

Democrats Do Not Want To Pay Taxes

While the average American has been struggling under the high prices of gasoline and high taxes attached to the price of gas organizers of the Democratic National Convention have been tanking up - tax free!

Absurd Excuses!

The Denver Post took the Democrats to task for the most shameless spin yet of the election. Democratic Convention organizers actually claimed it needs tax free gas from the state's reserves for security reasons.

Do the Democrats think people are crazy enough to believe this?

Who is gassing up at a local gas station while shuffling some political big wig who is sitting in the back seat smoking a cigar and making deals?

And another excuse used in the Rocky Mountain News was that they used city pumps because it's safer and the gas isn't "tainted."


Read the Denver Post Editorial


Anonymous said...

Uhm, both the democratic and republican candidates are afforded secre service detail...and perhaps they know more about security needs than you? Just a guess.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 1, Read the editorial stupid. It's not the Ssecret Service, it's the DNC "green" fatcats they're talking about. PIV is right. Wake up and smell the poison Democrat koolaid you're drinking!

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