"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Monday, July 28, 2008

I'll See Your $5 Million and Raise You...

The battle of the bucks is potentially going to get bigger.

The announcement of the Golisano bucket of cash that was presented as "Responsible New York," which is anything but responsible, has received a couple of "I'll call your bet" from other political heavyweights.

First, it was Rudy Giuliani's response and now New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg may call Golisano's bet and even raise him. Bloomberg may accomplish his mission through a 527 group, which is an independent group that will coordinate their own message separate from the candidates.

It will be interesting to see the various messages coming from these multi-billionaires. All are smart business people, although Bloomberg appears to be the most stable of all. He appears to calculate his moves better and he has run New York City successfully as Mayor.
City Comptroller William C. Thompson praised Bloomberg for setting aside surplus resources as a hedge against the deteriorating economy and softening housing market.
Actually preparing for a downturn and positioning to ride the storm out is unique for a politician. Local government officials who rely heavily on sales tax revenue, should take note!

This is a stark contrast to Golisano who is a successful businessman but cannot parlay that into a successful politician. He ran unsuccessfully for Governor 3 times and has helped create a political party, then changed parties and now is supporting yet another party. 


Dan Francis said...

As long as the public laps this crap up and tolerates it, it won't go away, and in fact, like now, will get worse.

We know in most cases, big money DOES NOT win
(incumbent inside money does, however), but BIG MONEY from any source has a chilling effect:

It keeps out average folks with good ideas but not in the same monetary league as big money ... that's a huge difference - they can't compete, per se.

Anonymous said...

You have trashed Golisano for his PAC, yet no similar criticism of Bloomberg. Why would that be? It's the exact same thing.

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