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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Addie Jenne Russell On Job Loss: Pandering or Critical of Others

You would have to assume by the timing of the press release by Addie Jenne Russell that it is driven by the article in the Watertown Daily Times stating Covidien was cutting 40 jobs.

In the article it was stated that she would "proactively address problems of north country businesses before they are forced to cut staff or close," which she is correct, job retention is a important as job creation, and it requires constant contact with local employers.

And further she states; "These companies are critical components of our economy," Mrs. Russell said in a press release. "We cannot stand by while our good-paying jobs disappear, often with little notice. Russell said that early intervention strategies can help save jobs. By being closely engaged, she will be an advocate both in the district and in Albany for assistance."

Yesterday's article quoted IDA Interim Director Donald Alexander as saying "If we can hear about it when these decisions are being discussed, we have a better opportunity to influence them. Once a decision has been made, there's virtually nothing we can do."

Addie Jenne Russell's press release implies people may have been standing around, that if she is elected things will be different by being closely engaged.

Read the full text of her presser here at Danger Democrat, although he did a horrible cut and paste job, it is there. DD gets a pass on the cut and paste, he was in a hurry to get out the door.

Is this a swipe at the current elected State Senator, or perhaps the Jefferson County Industrial Development Agency?

As an elected state representative what can she do differently that the IDA or our current elected State Senator did not do?

She is either critical of the current situation or pandering!


Anonymous said...

Addie Jenne Russell....who? Give us a break. Liberal Lawyer with a 5 month old child. Stay Home. Stay Home...Stay Home!

Anonymous said...

The local industrial development agencies, are for the well-heeled and well connected. They do a sub-par job at best, wonder how they stack up against other agencies in the state with the same missions?? Someone tell me what has Addie done???

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