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Thursday, July 31, 2008

And The Winner Is?

Danger Democrat gets the cry baby of the week award given out by P I V for someone who is whining about the very same thing they are doing and for being wrong on the issue.

Danger Democrat is claiming Dave Renzi is a puppet of Albany for financing his campaign with money from Albany.

So here is the deal D D; P I V and D D will hire an independent local auditor and BOTH campaigns can be financed with only the money raised locally from individuals. The campaigns will not accept money from political action committees, unions or any other special interest group, no state party money, no senate campaign committee money just pure local individual contributions. The finances of both campaigns will be run by the same independent auditor, they will collect the contributions and pay the bills with no involvement from anyone associated with partisan politics.


The real fact is Dave Renzi said he will be in control of his own campaign, specifically the decisions.  He never said he would not accept their money, for the record read this news story from News Watch 50: Renzi expects money, not meddling from state GOP. The story was done back in the month of May and it contained this quote from Dave Renzi.
 "I told them that there's going to be local control. That was the caveat that I had before I ran and they respect that. And I'm anticipating their support, despite that," 
You can expect both campaigns to be funded with outside money as well as people from outside the area to assist with work duties that is reality for both of the campaigns. Dave Renzi will control his own campaign but there are many duties that require assistance of several people.

D D is unrealistic to bring this issue up and expect a candidate to handicap themselves while the other candidate is raking in huge sums of money. D D, you are clearly WRONG here and the words from the candidate himself prove it and there is no change in position by Renzi.


TF said...

Whoo hoo! A major non-factual rant from the IVer. Please read the DD post again. Nothing unfactual was reported. A question about David's claim of 'independence' was raised. There was no ranting hyperbole. Calm yourself.
By the way Mr. IV where is Dave's advertising agency located by the way? Is it here in SD 48?

Anonymous said...

Why was Darrels in the SD 48?

Anonymous said...

DD and facts are never synonomous. DD and whining is. Good Post IV

Dan Francis said...

Nice graphic - 1st prize.

Hey, we all gripe and moan, don't we - especially when it suits our own goals or ambitions - in most cases it's called "politics," and one doesn't have to be in office to necessarily play that game, either.

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