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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: "You're Out of Here"

Blogger antithesis Danger Democrat is a big baseball fan, but, it seems he is as passionate about baseball as he is about politics and he will argue to the point of ejection from the game.

The comical part of this is that he was the announcer! He was not actually part of either team, or so he was not suppose to be, but his bias (same as in politics) came through as he was announcing a Wizards game. He and Saratoga manager Kevin Graber were both ejected and escorted out of the Duffy Dome.

Graber managing a team from Bruno's district, wonder if DD thought he was a Republican?

Is it possible to do the same in blogging, eject him for unsportsmanlike conduct when the real battle begins this fall?


TF said...

Thanks for helping to promote our Watertown Wizards! Its always fun at the Duffy Dome.
And yes--when you are right you are right--stick with it--don't fold.
I didn't say anything on PA to interrupt or influence the game action but the
coach was personally chirping away at old DD so, of course, I responded (off mike.) You would not expect less--right? The plate umpire thought that it probably should be stopped. So he stopped it.
Come on out and see a game. The regular announcer (Justin Rich) will be back after the Jefferson County Fair.
You know we can still make the playoffs if we play hard. We do have the talent now some luck would

TF said...

One itty bitty correction. I said nothing on mike, on PA, that exhibited any influence on the game itself. I wasn't tossed for that reason.

The Saratoga Coach decided he was going to vent his excessively florid emotions at getting blown out in the gamee by chirping directly at one of the Wizard's owners, me. We won 13-2. As you might expect if you are familiar with my personality I responded (off mike.) The home plate umpire thought that the conversational flow between the two of us wasn't really in the best interest of the game and resolved what he perceived as a problem.

As for tossing me on the blog-o-sphere, not likely. But you can roast me in comments any time you wish.

TF said...

Ooops. Sorry for two posts. I wrote the second one after I thought the first one didn't make it on.

Anonymous said...

No Way!!!

That is too damn funny.

Seems tf, in typical Democrat fashion, can't keep his mouth(or fingers for that matter) shut.




Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Great example Ted sets for the youth of the city. PA announcer ejected for talking smack with the opposing manager. Pretty sad if you ask me. TF seems to think this is a big joke, but the only joke is TF and his 'blog' DD. Really sad.

If I were Simmons I would cut ties with TF now, or is this what the 'Wizards' are all about??

Anonymous said...

Next time leave the game to the kids, classic frustrated never a ball player attitude and a fine role model.

Anonymous said...

Role model my ass. This has nothing to do with role models. It's baseball for crying out loud. Rhubarbs are part of baseball and there's nothing like a good one. Way too much sensitivity and politcal correctness being exhibited here if we can't enjoy a good argument. Stop acting like a bunch of crybabies.

Anonymous said...

why bother getting upset it is only a bunch of high school kids.It cost to get in to see this behavior?why is it called a dome theres no roof?why havent we heard from Mr.Simmons????

Anonymous said...

Role model where!?!?There are(NO,NO)ROLE MODELS IN H2O TOWN!!!!

Anonymous said...

First of all, the team is not a joke (and they are not high school kids, they are college students). Young and old alike enjoy a good baseball game and it is a wonderful thing that we have the Wizards in Watertown. I have wonderful memories of going to Pirates games with my dad and now I take my children to see the Wizards. I am glad to have the opportunity to create those memories with my family.
Second of all, I challenge anyone to claim that they have never responded in anger to another person. If anyone even suggests that they have never spoken out of anger than you are a self-righteous liar. It seems to me that many (not all) people who respond on this blog will use any opportunity, small or large, to personally insult someone. Perhaps instead of insulting others we should all examine ourselves and try to be better people.
I have known Ted Ford personally for a very long time (possibly longer than any of you) and I can truthfully say that he treats people better than most other people I've ever met. Can you say that about yourself?

Anonymous said...

Ted Ford is a good role model. The team is not a joke, they are hard working young men. Maybe you should grow up and stop bad mouthing people online like a bunch of high schoolers.

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