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Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Attn: Dave Renzi

Republican state Senate candidate in the 37th district and Mayor of Larchmont, Liz Feld is up on TV today with the first commercial of her campaign against incumbent Democrat Sen. Suzi Oppenheimer. It is a pretty good commercial, full of energy and life! A New Generation!

Here is another Republican's commercial Senator Serf Maltese of Queens, there is quite a difference in the two from a production quality standpoint.

Dave Renzi should hire Feld's production outfit, he has the same full of life, energy and new generation approach and with his youthful family he represents that new generation. This race should not be the same old tired politics "one of us" style campaigns, his family represents the mom and dad working hard everyday to raise a family.


Anonymous said...

Westchester County is a bedroom for the super rich of New York City, Scott. They also suffer from the highest salaries, home values and income tax breaks in the country.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of high taxes, according to DD, the Watertown C of C, which Gray's Flowers is a member of is taking on the teacher's union. Does that mean that they will not support Cantwell and his family of educators. Does that mean you prefer not to sell flowers to union members?

Anonymous said...

Using the logic of the Chamber of Commerce by anon #2, then it is fair to say Darrel Aubertine is 100% supportive of the entire Working Families Party agenda, correct?

Just comment back and let us know, then we can begin questioning Aubertine on the crap they put out.

Anonymous said...

So, you mean that this is a Chamber decision but yet not one member of the Chamber will admit to supporting it.

Who in our party will have the courage to ask Cantwell if he is receiving medical benefits from a school system?

The union supported Will last time and now the Republican Chamber wants to screw us over. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Albany Surprise: Bruno Opposes Tax Cap

Anonymous said...

Your excuse to anon 2 as you posed as anon 3, Scott, makes no sense, unless it is your admission that the Chamber of Commerce indeed is a political organization, Republican of course, representing Business Owners, and therefore anti-union and anti labor. I am Republican, but I always thought the Chambers were organizations where we all could work together as a community, politics aside. Many of us in Education volunteer our services to local business interests. Frankly, I would be ashamed to be working with a chamber who made Educators of any party feel uncomfortable. I am very disturbed that the Chamber has declared a stand against the Teacher's Union.

Anonymous said...

Listen, the unions should not be in the playing field of electing any one to public office. Unions were and are a necessary evil. that is to fight for the worker, but when they go and intimidate a union person and use that union due monies for political purposes that the union heads thinks is important to them and not to the general public then they deserve what they get from people who are not or do not belong to unions. And the C.C. people are ledgens in their own mind. Look where they have taken downtown watertown. No where

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