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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

McCain Leads In Poll

John leads Barry in the new USA/Gallup poll just released. A month ago, John McCain was down 50% to 44% of most likely voters but, as in the primaries do not count McCain out, he now leads Barry 49-45%.

This could continue as Barry has been elevated to such a high level that he has no place to go but down especially as the election draws near and voters dial in to listen closer for substance and all they hear over and over is empty rhetoric.

McCain took the lead despite the TV anchors polishing Barry's shoes every day on the foreign trip that he just concluded, which the side effect was energizing the Republican base.

This is only one poll, but looking at the balance of the polls  Pollster.com or Real Clear Politics the race has definitely tightened up. The conflict in poll results is that some polls are reporting likely voters while some tracking polls are using registered voters.


TF said...

Just for a little fairness in reporting here is what CNN said:

Obama now holds a 6-point lead in CNN's average of national polls, 45 percent to 39 percent, up from the 3-point margin over McCain he held by the end of last week.

The results suggest Obama's trip, which was extensively covered by the national and international media, may have given the Illinois senator a sizable bump in the polls.

PCS said...

Maybe you ought to use your brain a bit and ask how Gallup gets from a 47-44 Obama lead among registered voters to a 49-45 McCain lead among likely voters? Maybe you might be surprised and even a little embarrassed.

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