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Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Show Me The $

The financial disclosure reports are in for the candidates in the 48th Senate District and 118th Assembly District races and the only engine that appears to be revved up at the starting line is Renzi. The petition process is now closed and the campaigns begin in earnest.

Dave Renzi comes out of the gate with an impressive report. His individual contributors are local people. Renzi's report shows an expenditure for commercial production, which is likely a sign there will be commercials up and running soon.

Darrel Aubertine's report is mundane and not overly impressive for a sitting Senator, and it is worthy to note it is laden with special interest contributions. This will kind of put to the test the definition of who is "one of us."

Addie Jenne Russell's report is pretty lean.

Bobby Cantwell's report appears to be quite active especially with some contributors from the river area.

Here is status of the money so far available for campaigns in the Senate.

The money totals are for Senate Campaign and Housekeeping accounts, and State Party Cash and Housekeeping Accounts .

Democrats    $2,478,321 Total
Republicans $6,551,696 Total


Anonymous said...

Aren't there any local high rollers.......Prominent names only giving $100 is so North Country......All the big money is from PACs, unions, sitting legislators, and downstaters....

Anonymous said...


You talk about Darrel and Addie rolling in the riches, and conclude with bank accounts showing 3 times as much money (from special interests and lobbyists) to Republican committees as compared to Democratic committees.

Hypocritical much, Scott?

Anonymous said...

Darrel's local support is especially unimpressive given his status as the Democratic party's rock-star candidate.

Also, didn't Darrel just host a huge fundraiser at Ives? I see an expense listed in his report, but where are the contributors?

Dan Francis said...

"When they say it's not about sex, don’t believe it; it's about sex." (words spoken at Clinton's impeachment by then Arkansas U.S. Senator David Pryor defending Clinton)

Ironically in politics, however, we don't care whether it's a big bundle or two big bundles of money or not, or from wherever, or whomever it comes. As long as "our guy or gal" wins ... winning is all that matters, right?

Of course one wants to win, that's the goal, how one reaches that goal and with kind of honor still in tact seems to me to be the most important, for it shows their true character and how they intend to legislate or if higher, how to govern.

Funny, we say things like that are important, but not so funny, is that we don't seem to practice what we preach. ~ Amen

/s/ Tom Cruise as "Jerry Maguire"

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