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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Obama's 9 Point Lead - Buh Bye!!!

Early this week a USA Today Gallup poll of "most likely voters" showed McCain had a lead of  49 to 45%, while the Gallup tracking poll of "registered voters showed Obama with a 9 point lead over McCain.

Today, Gallup updated their tracking poll of registered voters and Obama's lead has vanished. Obama and McCain are in a statistical dead heat with Obama at 45% to McCain's 44%.

See for yourself here

Where did the Obama mojo go? 


Anonymous said...

An honest person would show poll results from THE SAME POLLS over an extended period of time. Not pull results from one poll last week, and other results from a completely different poll, done in a completely different way, this week, and imply that as the most reliable way of tracking support.

Anonymous said...

Just to prove what a dishonest partisan hack you are, here is a THIRD polling outlet that just released numbers, showing Obama has the exact same lead today, as this poll found in June: http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5ijClHoidEl8XEJMJoUooHU1R_nmgD928VUOG0

Political IV said...

Anon 1 not sure what post you read, but in the first paragraph two polls were mentioned; USA Today / Gallup and Gallup Tracking and then the second paragraph referenced Obama slipping in the previously mentioned Gallup Tracking poll.

Please do not question my integrity!! The results of a single poll was correctly referenced twice.

Anon 2 dishonest???

Are you referring to Gallup Tracking which is who presented the material? Read the link.

hermit thrush said...

for a much more robust look at the race, try pollster.com's national page. pollster.com averages several recent polls at once, and they show obama with a modest yet consistent lead of about 4 points.

Anonymous said...

The polls are a joke and are dishonest themselves. Anyone who puts any stock in them is full of crap. Polls showed Al Gore winning and John Kerry holding his own. More crap. Polls also show most Americans admire the Kennedys. Who the hell was interviewed for those polls???? The dead people that vote in every Chicago election???

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