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Monday, July 21, 2008

Rudy vs. Tommy

Rudy Giuliani is starting his own campaign fund and make no bones about it, it is to help the Republican party. This is seen largely as a quid pro quo move, he helps now, he wants help later.

According to the New York Post
The sources said the fund will focus on several races around the state, but the main emphasis will be helping Republicans retain a majority in the Senate.
"Everything Rudy does this year is geared toward helping Republicans nationally and statewide, similar to the last three cycles, where he campaigned tirelessly on behalf of many candidates," the source said.
At least Rudy is honest about his intentions, unlike Golisano, he does not disguise his intentions.


Anonymous said...

Rudy, Rudy, Rudy . . .

Anonymous said...

Uhm, Rudy does indeed disguise his intentions. The people pointing out what he is doing aren't HIM! Therefore, to clarify further, since you missed it, that means it is NOT him stating his real intentions, and therefore he IS hiding it.

Geez, Scott, learn to read man!

Dan Francis said...

The sad part, the media hungry for big time Ad money from these two, will convince the public to support one of them.

How come when someone rich runs, and runs, and runs, [and lostes] people don't seem to mind, but when someone who is not rich, but is active and civic-minded runs [and loses], they are expected to never run again - just stay out of sight, silent and go away ...?

Why is that?

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