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Friday, July 18, 2008

Campaign Sections

Our faithful and ever present local news sources have published special sections devoted to the local campaigns in the 48th Senate district and 118th Assembly district. NewZjunky's political site has been out for a while as well as each time during the last several campaigns.

Senate Race

Assembly Race

A hat tip to Newzjunky for top billing for Political IV in the blogs section along with Danger Democrat.

NewZjunky always has slick graphics, their graphics design person is top notch.

The Watertown Daily Times has entered the race for campaign sections.

Senate Race

Assembly Race

Congressional Race

And a hat tip as well for the listing in the blogs section. Although they see the order of political blogs a little different than others. They list their close to the vest blog Northern New York Follies as their top site and they specifically label Political IV as "GOP."

Their graphics are ok, pretty benign.


Anonymous said...

These "subfolders" on junky are a great idea. Since we can expect lots of interest in the fall contests, this makes it that much easier for politics-minded folks to find what they want and need.

Junky's a great resource for breaking news and "titillating" human interest stuff.

But frankly, it's a bit tough to navigate the way it's structured now. (I would say the same about Drudge.) It could use a bit of housecleaning that these subfolders provide.

Dan Francis said...

Leave it up to the TIMES to get the worst possible photo of a DEM opposing McHugh ... grainy, blurry, and dated ... and in McHugh's case: looks like a graduation photo.

* Head slightly tilted, chin down, stern look, eyes straight ahead. But, photos don't matter, right? Issues matter, right?

Outside the district money (big money)" doesn't matter, either, right?

You can track all the money via this official government site, if you're into that sort of clarity? Follow the Money

Issues matter. We shall see.

Dan Francis said...

Rep. John M. McHugh has 161 (regular) PAC's that feed his kitty - $350,000 or so - eight are from NYS but, NONE from this District! I repeat NONE are from NYS, let alone the district.

So, who (or whom) does he represent? Why the North Country, of course, natch ...

Fear not: John will tell you how important it is to stay in office, finish some work and stand up for "us," even if it means taking money from every source on the planet except from the people who matter most - the voters in this CD - he's that kinda guy.

Cynical, not really (maybe a litte); frustrated, yes!

And, for good reason. If anyone besides me doesn't get it, then they don't get it!

Our "cash and carry" Congress.

Dan Francis said...

So, where's Junky's congressional link? Not a local thingy, I surmise?

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