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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Random Thoughts


The North Country is fortunate to have a visiting state dignitary in Jefferson County. Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos will be visiting Sackets Harbor to join Democratic Mayor Mike Kinnie for an announcement. The North Country always welcomes state leaders.

The question remains, after Senator Aubertine's election in February, where is the Senate Minority Leader Malcolm Smith? Is his New York city colleagues keeping him too busy plotting their agenda that likely does not include upstate? Senators Valesky and Aubertine have little chance of being heard in that conference and Danger Democrat is blowing smoke if he says otherwise.


Speaking of our Silent Senator Aubertine, he is back in the news as the controversy swirling around whether he was offered the NYPA job or did he really want the NYPA or what. It is again reported the Governor did not offer him the job, specifically saying, "We didn't make him an offer, we never made him an offer." Yet Aubertine, contrary to his claim in a press release, was reportedly interested, "It was made clear to us that there was some interest"

So now Aubertine was interested in the job and the Governor's office spoke to Aubertine regarding the job as a courtesy. But, the obvious follow up question voters should pose to Aubertine now is why was he even interested so soon after being elected?


Andrew Mangione, spokesman for Mr. Aubertine, declined to comment.
Mangione is experiencing a change in persona, in his role on the sunshine side as a reporter he was known as "Drew", and being the good reporter he was, he never accepted "no comment." Now that he has migrated to the other side, he is known as Andrew with no comment.


Skelos met with the Buffalo News Editorial Board during his recent visit to Western New York, so it could be expected for him to meet with Editorial Board of the Watertown Daily Times, it will be interesting to see if there is a first hand account on the well written Northern New York Follies blog.


RWiley said...

But, then the Gov went on to say, "Now, I can't tell you who did it, but I can tell you that, you know, there was certainly . . . Senator Aubertine was certainly given the idea that this (job) was a possibility and, you know, this would have tripled his salary....."
It appears that the Gov is changing his mind about his original statements. It appears that Darrel's version was the one closest to the truth.

Anonymous said...

Darryl's version closer to the truth. What is his version?

Anonymous said...

You need a roadmap to traverse all the different versions of this story. What seems to be emerging is this:

1. Darrel learned of the job
2. Darrel wanted the job, at least enough to begin discussions with the governor
3. He got the offer that would triple his salary (yes governor, you're lying)
4. Darrel turned it down ('Screw you, North Country!')
5. Darrel goes public, embarassing the Governor and leaving lots of people scratching their heads
6. The Governor flips and flops, in part to give Darrel cover, but also to protect his own hide
7. Darrel's silent, having either been told to keep his mouth shut, or because he doen't know what to do
8. rwiley spins and spins and spins

Anonymous said...

And flower boy continues to beat a dead horse. Give it up Scott, it is old news.

Anonymous said...

I agree with rwiley, though that Darrel seems to be telling the only consistent story here. The fuzzy part of the story is coming from the Governor's office.

Anonymous said...

Well if Political IV is beating a dead horse why was there a story in the Post Standard yesterday? They must be beating the horse also.

Anonymous said...

After 2 years of DD having the only blog on local politics, the right is finally heard, and the Left doesn't know what to do. Much like Air America. Nobody is listening.

Anonymous said...

The Governor has changed his story 4 times so far....all of which have been documented on THIS very blog.

So you buying each one of those explanations hook, line and sinker...is, shall we say, less than honest on your part.

By the way...you're man looks like an aging Ken doll. Please PLEASE bring him back many-a-times!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It is funny reading the attempts of Darryl's employees trying to justify his actions. Darryl has had no version out there.Have your man tell the story and we can stop speculating..\\

Anonymous said...

to anon 8:01,
don't be silly. what you wrote seems to be a common theme around here, but please spare us all the drama. no one cares that there's another right-wing blog on the nny scene now (though it should be noted that watson in the adirondacks has been around for over twice as long and is many more times better). we do care when iv makes crappy posts or arguments (or, as is often the case, non-arguments). and to be clear, s/he has every right in the world to make them, and we have every right to call him/her out. so what's the problem?

Anonymous said...

I doubt this blog is important enough for Darrel's employees to be wasting their time on it.

Anonymous said...

This blog is run by a RINO florist with too much time on his hands...who not only posts anonymously, but then comes back and posts comments to his posts. It's cute. Everyone needs a hobby.

Anonymous said...


Another story on Aubertine and the NYPA job. This guy can't even tell us the truth about this silly job offer (non-offer). What a politician.

Anonymous said...

aubertine nypa offer may be a dead horse, but the horse is blocking the (election) road.....either the Gov. lied or fair haired Darrel lied.....
Come on Dems, you too should want to know who lied? My bet is Darrell did---why would the Gov offer the TOP PAYING authority job with all the perks to hay-seed Darrell, thus losing a chance to take the senate? just doesn't add up....
Darrell has a track record in his short time in office of telling woppers.....He blew any chance of a deal on Fulton Hospital merging with Oswego by announcing a "deal" to do that before the two sides had even formally met! He ruined any chance of that by emboldening Fultons not-to-savy Administrator to believe was playing with powerful backing....the "deal" imploded.....

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