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Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Characters Have Been Cast

The characters for this fall's production of Election 2008 have been cast.

The final announcement came today when the Cantwell campaign finally came out with a press release that was something of substance, instead of all those cookie cutter press releases that are short on substance.

The Cantwell campaign announced a well heeled political type as campaign manager. Cary Brick, a well respected retired Chief of Staff for the likes of Congressman McHugh and two of his predecessors. His presence on campaign will overcome one of the weaknesses of the Cantwell campaign: experience.

This announcement finishes the casting for the characters in this fall's election season.

Candidate: Dave Renzi
Manager: John Morgia

Candidate: Darrel Aubertine
Manager: Cathy Calhoun

Candidate: Bobby Cantwell
Manager: Cary Brick

Candidate: Addie Jenne Russell
Manager: Mark Pacilio

A little trivia for you, who is the only candidate with a non local campaign manager? (Hint it is highlighted)

Hey, Danger Democrat, you should concern yourself less about who is paying for a campaign and more on where the base of control exist.


TF said...

May I humbly ask one more time where is David's advertising agency located? Who owns it? Who is making the commercials? Who is buying the ad time? John Morgia is a good guy as well as David but I don't think he is really in charge.

TF said...

Oh hey! Its good to see Cary Brick getting active again. Does this mean I'm not going to be invited back to talk to his JCC government class. I hope not.

Anonymous said...

She's not his campaign manager. Don't know where you get your facts, but you're wrong.

Anonymous said...

who cares who writes these commercials. who cares who their manager's are. who cares where the money is from. David can do the job. Aubertine is a corrupt politician who stands to benefit financially from votes he has cast. That and his horrendous performance so far. He really should resign immediately. Don't worry, this criminal won't.

TF said...

Cathy is coming back? Yea!
I hadn't heard that. That would be great. She is one of the most talented operatives I've ever gotten to know. We could all sit at the feet of Cathy one more time.

Dan Francis said...

I believe "Cathy" is spelled Kathy and her office (she is primarily June O'Neill's Upstate Political Representative) is in Syracuse (tel: 415-0658).

Give her a call as ask her directly: "What role to you play in the Aubertine reelection campaign? She being a party type probably will give you an answer."

Anonymous said...

Where did you hear that Central New York's Calhoun was returning as campaign manager??

Dan Francis said...

Damn! I wish we had a spell check. Oh, well, poor spellers of the forum world:
U N T I E...

Anonymous said...

Mark P. campaign mgr. did he used to work for Dealmaker????

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