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Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Republican Senate Majority - So Some Dems Prefer!

The GOP are not the only people who think they should remain in the Majority of the Senate. Prominent Democrats such as Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Governor David Paterson are believed to be supporting a GOP Majority in the Senate as well as Mayor and very smart and savvy businessman Mike Bloomberg.
Bloomberg, who has often railed against partisan gridlock, said he thinks the two-party system is "healthy," whereas single-party control of government is not. He delivered his usual praise of the Senate GOP for helping the city
The left wing liberal blog The Albany Project TAP reports Shelly Silver would prefer a GOP controlled Senate, while Silver is smarted enough never to utter his preference, his actions speak louder than words.
So despite spending all these thousands of dollars on the whole gamut of Democratic politicians, committees, and clubs all around the state, Sheldon Silver has not given a single dime to a Democratic Senate Candidate
Shelly simply does not want the Democrats to take the Senate.  Ever.  
It has long been thought that Governor David Paterson supports a GOP Majority in the Senate for a number of reasons, the least of which is reported animosity between him and Senate Minority Leader Malcolm Smith. The  Governor raised $3.3 million in the recent filing with the Board of Elections, but it is unlikely he will share his largess with the Senate Democrats, as opposed to his predecessor. Paterson is keeping it for his own campaign, clearly a signal Paterson could care less about the possibility of a Senate Democratic Majority.
The new governor not only failed to contribute anything to the Senate Democrats, but had actively avoided their fund-raising events in an effort to distance himself from Spitzer's now-infamous "steamroller" approach in dealing with the Legislature.
Their attention would be better directed at shoring up and strengthening fund-raising activities in the conference."
As of July 15, the Senate Democrats had $1.5 million on hand, compared with the Senate Republicans' $5.9 million.
These prominent Democrats will always deny these claims publicly, but their actions speak for themselves and they happen to be right on with their thoughts on this topic.


Jacob said...

A lot of Democrats outside NYC don't want their party to take over the Senate because they know that the NYC Democrats do not care one bit about anything outside NYC.

TF said...

Darn it. I hate it when you are right. The item you didn't express or comment on it the obvious attempt of Paterson to embarras Aubertine in l'affaire
NYPA. Paterson was a Bruno-boy at the time.

Anonymous said...

Look how little democrat representation has done for us already! With the Senate firmly in the hands of NYC dems, our superhero Dem State Senator won't even be able to deliver crumbs for his district. We'll just keep paying and paying. Wake up, people. It really DOES matter how you vote this November.

Dan Francis said...

Until the NYS Senate changes hands and the DEMS take over, let the new man [Sen. Dean Skelos] have a chance, for Christ's sake.

Anonymous said...

I'd appreciate it if Mr. Francis could refrain from taking our Lord's name in vain. Control yourself.

Dan Francis said...

I did not and do not take the Lord's or God's name in vain... please correct yourself for Christ's sake.

Anonymous said...

This post is soooo true!! Things have been awesome under the current system!! Upstate has thrived under Republican control in the Senate!!

Anonymous said...

Upstate has thrived under republican control????lived here for over 60+ years industry is gone along with the jobs and money.
drive south (sorry, the oil administration has taken care of that) and look at all the new factories and cities.Our propery taxes are 2.5 times that of florida under republican control.
Fort Drum won't carry this area forever,unless you want to work in one of the local fast food establisments.

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