"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Robo-call II

If you did not like those evening prerecorded robo-calls for political candidates, then you will not like the Democrats new mechanism for invading your privacy. 

Danger Democrat unveiled what he thought was "pretty cool and very 21st Century", of course, we disagree. And while a nice guy, DD just does not give you the impression of "pretty cool" and drives, as the hizzoner claims, a "frumpy" car.

The Democrats new gimmick, which is not new at all, is requesting people to sign up on line and obtain a list of neighbors to visit with campaign propaganda, which is essentially door to door campaigning, now that is certainly "21st Century" thinking.

Here is the part to be labeled CAUTION they are asking people to return information about you back to the website (seen here) which will create the nice neat little data bank in which you will be included for future mailing request for money, robo-calls for candidates and a variety of other little beautiful annoyances.

So have fun, sign up and get ready to get the crap bugged out of you at dinner time or during your favorite TV show, but just remember, Danger Democrat thinks it is so cool!!


Anonymous said...

So people calling up friends, neighbors, and maybe even family members who are considered demographically to be swing voters, and using information they know from, oh I don't know, actually knowing the individuals to better refine the list and figure out if someone does belong on the swing voter list, or is in the solid Republican or solid Democrat column, so that efforts are more effective in GOTV is "disturbing" or some kind of invasion of privacy. That's laughable coming from the mouth piece of a party that locally has traditionally twisted arms and used power to not only award, but also deny government jobs to qualified individuals based solely on party affiliation and used the registration advantage and the power it has brought with it, to solidify that registration advantage and enforce party line voting. The use of such an open online database is radical to say the least, and does have the potential to provide a highly effective means of communication and voter contact for campaigns today, and in the future, and has the potential to provide a highly refined voter list that will allow for very effective retail politics in the future, i.e. candidate visits to key swing voters and key swing neighborhoods by using effective "intelligence gathering" and voter research from people in the community to build an effective list of those voters. There is nothing private about public conversations that people have about politics, and it seems to me that empowering voters to more effectively communicate with friends, family members, and neighbors, i.e. people they already know about candidates they support and whom they believe their friends and neighbors should support is a good thing in a DEMOCRACY!

TF said...

Hummm. Hizzoner didn't say it was frumpy when he sold it to me.

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