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Friday, July 4, 2008

Skelos Travels Upstate

Newly minted Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos is traveling New York recently visiting Buffalo and Rochester.

Skelos made the following comments in various venues;

“We work together as a unified body, understanding that each region of the state has their unique needs and that each region of the state has to be treated fairly. And I think that has been the success over the years of our conference.”

“When you start in Buffalo and go to Montauk, the No. 1 issue in this state is property taxes”

When asked why residents here should believe that upstate will be a priority, he had the numbers ready to emphasize upstate’s importance to him and his 32-member Republican conference: “There are 20 members from upstate New York”

He wants to work with Paterson on his plan to cap the growth of property taxes and welcomes a special session so lawmakers can act this summer.

Erie County Executive Chris Collins;
“We have some important elections coming up,” Collins said in introducing Skelos at a news conference after their meeting. “We are all going to work very hard to make sure that Western New York is well represented in the Senate, and that our issues, which in many cases are different from other parts of the state, are heard and supported.”

The north country would welcome a visit from Skelos just as much as any other dignitary and he should be warmly welcomed in the same way Paterson was received on his first visit. The north country benefits with visits of people such as Paterson or Skelos who have much to say about the direction of New York State, they should always be welcomed regardless of party affiliation.

The question remains; where is Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver or Senate Minority Leader Malcolm Smith, to recent memory neither have ever been here, how can they claim they understand Northern New York? 

The upcoming elections are about:
  • Checks and balances in New York State Government, making sure all perspective views are represented fairly in debates on issues.
  • What leadership has a better understanding of north country issues, the leaders drive the conference agenda and allow legislation to be voted on or not 
  • Where is the balance or concentration of power within the Senate or Assembly Republican or Democratic conference
  • What representative can best help constituents navigate New York State government and its agencies to their benefit


Anonymous said...

Someone should stand near exit 39 and as that dork skirts by Northern New York someone should hold up a sign and remind him that County and Village taxes are property taxes, too! Why do they lie and call it property taxes and not just plain old SCHOOL TAXES? Typical conservatives.

TF said...

I believe you left off the most important criterion for being an effective state legislator. That is being in the majority. The simple fact is next to nothing, except talking, gets done in the minority conference in either chamber.
The Assembly is democratic now and will have a democratic majority next year. Ergo, Addie is the reasonable choice.
The Senate will have a democratic majority. Why else did Joe Bruno quit. Therefore, Darrel should be our selected one.
Reality is reality and you should
try to recognize it.

Anonymous said...

I love how someone whose hobby is to lob anonymous attacks on people from behind a computer screen, feels justified enough to attack people in virtually every post.

It is an interesting mindset. Your therapist must have a field day.

Anonymous said...

LOL! The above post was lobbed from behind a computer screen by an anonymous poster. Too funny!

RWiley said...

John McHugh keeps an address here and seldom visits.

Anonymous said...

People really get on their internet at 7:14 am on Sunday mornings and read old postings on this blog?

Please, Scott. Not only do you post anonymously on here...you then come on here and post anonymous comments in response to your anonymous posts all in an attempt to make it appear you have a plethora of people skipping church to view your blog. Too funny.

Anonymous said...

Again Scott, you're getting credit for my comments! You'd think these paid albany democrat bloggers would be able to tell your writing from mine. And then they criticize your/our anonymity.
Tell you what boys, you tell us your names, we'll tell you ours.
But, I'm not holding my breath.

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